Cat of the Geek #29: Socks

Name: Socks Clinton
Stomping Grounds: Oval office, Clinton administration (from its adoption in 1991 to the end, living with former Clinton secretary Bettie Currie until his passing in 2009 at age almost 20)
Side: Good (according to the press release)
Breed: American shorthair/Tuxedo cat
Cat Powers: Can sub for Press Secretary. Website guiding skills.
Skills: Eat 6, Sleep 5, Mischief 7, Wit 6, Answer Fan Mail and Be Investigated by Congress For It 8
Cat Weaknesses: Political rival and co-presidential pet, Buddy the Labrador (Bill Clinton felt the Israelis and Palestinians were on better terms).
Unreleased Video Game:


Sea-of-Green said…
Plus, Socks was a heck of a lot more friendly than Barney!