Superman versus the Looney Tunes

Superman & Bugs Bunny, a crossover between DC and Kids WB that might as well be called JLA & Looney Tunes. Writer Mark Evanier and Joe Staton (channeling John Bogdanove, as far as I'm concerned) use Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Wackyland Do-Do to bring the two worlds together. But I hear you asking: Who wins?


Flash vs. Speedy Gonzales
Wally's too startled to do much running after the Mexican Mouse, and later even lets both the Road Runner AND Wile E. Coyote pass him. Small comfort knowing that coyote winds up dying in Animal Man #5. ADVANTAGE LOONEY TUNES!

Batman vs. Daffy Duck
They never really meet, but they do get Amalgamated into the Duck Knight. Daffy's not as handy with the utility belt, but read that panel. One more reason why George Clooney can't play Batman? ADVANTAGE LOONEY TUNES!

Green Lantern vs. Marvin the Martian

Aquaman vs. Yosemite Sam
Sam's got canons on that there boat. Aquaman can talk to fish. But doesn't. Also points off for pointing his harpoon at Tweety and not firing. ADVANTAGE LOONEY TUNES!

Plastic Man vs. Pépé LePew
Plas turns into a cat, so obviously he made himself a target. And no one can resist Pépé. The French Moufette knocks out some toy-mech pilots and the best Plas does is get pulled into a trampoline by Speedy. ADVANTAGE LOONEY TUNES!

Green Arrow vs. that damn singing frog
A running gag for most of the story. GA is too preoccupied by proving the frog can sing and dance to ever pull an arrow. INCREDIBLE ADVANTAGE LOONEY TUNES!

Superman vs. Bugs Bunny
Despite the title, they hardly interact. Supes has some face time with Foghorn and gets Amalgamated with Elmer Fudd of all people. The Wast Son of Kwypton does interact with Bugs and proves why he would never survive as Superman: Too many L's to pronounce. DOMINATION LOONEY TUNES!

Ok, ok, fine. In point of fact, they're all really fighting the Toy-Man, but who ever cared about him, eh? I have to say, the mini-series misses quite a few opportunities when it comes to match-ups. Why isn't the Martian Manhunter paired with Marvin? Or Black Canary with Tweety? Catwoman and Sylvester? It could have gone beyond the JLA of the time. Wonder Woman never gets a proper match, nor does Foghorn Leghorn (I'm not saying they should be together), though I did appreciate the appearance of even the most obscure of Looney Tune characters.

Mini-critique: The worlds just don't mesh well despite Do-Do's and Myxzptlk's impish plans to bring them together. The Looney Tunes do everything we've seen them do 1000 times before, which is far less charming without the animation. And where they're exactly what you expect to the point of boring you, the superheroes aren't at all like themselves, idiots all. Superman's afraid of Yosemite Sam? Kyle, a graphic artist, acts like he's never really seen a cartoon. And they can't handle a C-lister like Toy-Man without the cartoons saving their asses. Too bad.


Robert said...

I would have thought Elmer/Luthor would have been the obvious choice.

"I am Ewmer J Wuthaw. I own a mansion and a yacht."

Doctor Mi said...

You, sir, have just won 5 internet points for using the word: moufette.

Siskoid said...

How many do I need for a trip to Epcot?

rob! said...

I didn't know Aquaman was in this book! Now I have to buy it!

Siskoid said...

He's not in it a lot, but he IS in it. Happy hunting!


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