Cat of the Geek #40: Catzilla

Name: Mio
Stomping Grounds: Tokyo/The Internet (image created by cloudasmoke)
Side: Evil
Breed: American shorthair
Cat Powers: Bigger than the average cat. Atomic breath. Radioactive phosphorescence.
Skills: Eat 8, Sleep 3, Mischief 10, Wit 3, Atomic Breath 6
Cat Weaknesses: Choose one for each movie - Oxygen destroyer, electricity (but not lightning), cadmium, ANEB bacteria, MechaCatzilla.


This entry reminded me of this kids' book. Have you seen it?
Siskoid said…
Hahahah! No! But it's been archived for future use!
You just gotta love a monster cat!
No wonder I love the kitty Red Lantern.
Siskoid said…
Ah yes, from Cat of the Geek #10!

I'm still waiting for him to throw down against Streaky.
It's a pretty fun book, with lots of puns from the original movie throughout...