Batman and the Outsiders #5: Pages 14-16

Meanwhile, on the top floor of the Empire State Building...Which is apparently where they have the big fuse box for the city.
The Fearsome Five are engaging in some of the least necessary crimes of their careers. They've obviously been fighting over who gets to knock out the two bored guards. Seems like a waste of their talents. Maybe they don't need to be Five. Even at Four, there's little for each to do.
See? Mammoth rips a door off its hinges, after which Shimmer unnecessarily evaporates the other. As if access wasn't already assured! And it gets worse:
Really, Psimon is already in there. So why are there Five of them again? Besides alliteration, I mean. I think Psimon just wants an audience. He's a frickin' exhibitionist if we go by his head gear. So here we are, Psimon, your audience, reminding you that you're making the same mistake over and over again. Dr. Light's no more dead than the Outsiders or Titans. CHECK FOR A BODY! I can't stress that too many times.
How long do you think he's been waiting to plug that line?

Meanwhile (again), at Titans Tower, Cyborg is questioning Batman's line of reasoning. Cuz you know, he trusts Dr. Jace, who he just met, a lot more. Good instincts (cough-Manhunter-cough, cough).
What you DON'T see because of the long shot is Dr. Jace feeling up Cyborg's, uhm, crank shaft. Consequently, he's real happy to see Starfire.
So apparently she was hit with a "weakening beam" from Dr. Light. Yeah, totally one of light's properties. Two things I just noticed about Cyborg in the next two panels: 1) He wears garters. 2) He's the one who pays the electric bill and he's a cheap bastard.
Now let's just shine more light at Starfire. Who KNOWS what effect it could have! Photons be free!
Granted, I'm no Batman (or even a Dr. KILL ALL HUMANS Jace), so I can't quite jump to the same conclusions they do. I'm like Cyborg that way. Psimon has been using mud monsters as minions, but why do they fear the teams could be mind-controlled the same way? Apples and mud pies. It was Dr. Light who somehow bent Halo to his will, and light could counter light (in some kooky komik booc logik), but how does it have anything to do with Psimon's plans? If I were going up against the Fearsome Five, I'd "irradiate" myself against Shimmer powers instead. Just sayin'.

Someone who's NOT saying is Dr. Light.
"...or I'll look at you even more sternly."
BATMAN FAIL! The most intimidating thing in the room should always be Batman. You shouldn't need to invoke the Fearsome Five to intimidate a perp. Not when you, the Batman, are right there in the room looking at that perp very sternly with your fists on your hips. And will someone please put out that fire raging in New York City?
Psimon's new historical novel: "The Switch: Pulling on it since 1930."
Please finish that sentence, or use one of mine:
" use a giant centrifuge machine to capture the JLA." (You mean they never did this even once in the Silver Age?)
"...make a milkshake on top of the Empire State Building?"
"...turn the Daleks into Cthulhu's kid brother?"

Actually, the answer is:
So NYC has never before been taken over by supervillains? This sure ain't the Marvel Universe!

Next: Psimon channels the irate grumpiness of every single human being in New York!


Anonymous said...

I read the Outsiders back in the day, when I was about 6-7 years old. Man, I didn't remember those were so lame.

The Fearsome Whatevernumber escene es even more senseless i f you think Psimon couldn't build his machine in only three panels. So he bought the floor, build the machine, contract the guards, and then sends the FF to destroy the door? Nonsense.

Perhaps Psimon needs to change the brainbowl's water?

If you wanna see a reason of why Baron Bedlam's minions are masters of backstabing, look at:

Be aware of spoilers!

Also: Siskoid, could you remind me when you posted the Dire Wraiths DC Heroes RPG stats? Thanks


Siskoid said...

Sure Rog, quickest way for me was to search for dcheroes, and the post is HERE.

Some PCs are in for a freaky time I see.

Jeremy Patrick said...

I think the only comic I've ever read with Psimon in it was his entertaining death in JLA: Salvation Run.

But since no one in comics ever stays dead, I'm sure I'll see him around again soon . . .

By the way, I'm glad you pointed out the picture tags--double the jokes in every write-up!

Siskoid said...

Glad you're enjoying them, Jeremy.

For me, Psimon made his debut not long after this in Tales of the Teen Titans when he was looking for a member to replace Dr. Light. I have been a Psim-- a Neutron fan ever since.

Austin Gorton said...

Mammoth may have strength, and Shimmer, transmutation powers, but nothing beats Mike O'Barr's power of exposition!


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