Cat of the Geek #77: Catbus

Name: Catbus
Stomping Grounds: My Neighbor Totoro (anime)
Side: Good
Breed: Nekobasu
Cat Powers: Appears and disappears out of thin air. Carries passengers to any destination (no address needed). Flies, runs and bounces across forests and lakes. Headlamps for eyes.
Skills: Eat 0 (you hope), Sleep 2, Mischief 3, Wit 3, Vehicle 10
Cat Weaknesses: Requires glowing mouse attachments to simulate tail lights. Charmingly creepy in a way only Miyazaki can conceive.
They Made It For Realz:


Rottgutt said…
Where did you get the picture of the yellow and brown catbus? It looks like it's at Burning Man.
Siskoid said…
Burning Man 2001, yep.
Sea-of-Green said…
Yay for Catbus! Never would have thought of it, but I'm glad you included it. :-) I love Miyazaki, and Totoro!
Kandou Erik said…
The series "Super Sentai" (Japanese Power Rangers) had a cat bus as a vehicle too. It was probably capitalizing on the popularity of Totoro, since it was around the same time.

It was from the Super Sentai series "Ninja Sentai Kakuranger". They used the catbus as a vehicle, and I believe it could talk as well.
Siskoid said…
You know you're just adding to the Cat of the Geek Master List there, aren't you?