Cat of the Geek #78: Lucky

Name: Lucky Tanner
Stomping Grounds: ALF
Side: Good
Breed: American shorthair
Cat Powers: Manages to remain uneaten for the length of his stay on the series. Good runner.
Skills: Eat 3, Sleep 6, Mischief 3, Wit 2, Luck 7
Cat Weaknesses: A Melmacian always running after him because he's an offworld delicacy. Sadly died.

Bonus: Cat of the Lame!
So I spent the weekend at a United Church Bible Camp we rented out for our student leaders caucus (nothing biblical there), and in the camp monitors house, stuck on the bathroom wall, and completely undercutting my ability to pee continuously, THIS cat:
I can't decide if it's the best or worst thing I've ever seen.