Star Trek 1380: Schism, Issue 1

1380. Schism, Issue 1

PUBLICATION: Star Trek: Romulans - Schism #1, IDW Comics, September 2009

CREATORS: John Byrne (writer), John Byrne (artist)

STARDATE: Unknown (after Romulans: The Hollow Crown and The Enterprise Incident)

PLOT: The Klingon emperor finds that the Empire's machinations to pit the Romulans against the Federation aren't showing results, mostly due to the new Praetor's headstrong wife. Kor and Koloth are still on the case, though the latter is plotting to depose the Emperor on behalf of his treacherous lover, the emperor's daughter. The emperor is wise to this and lets Koloth dig his own grave by going out to help Kor who has gotten himself into a firefight with a cloakable USS Yorktown. Though both ships suffer damage, Kor decides to ram his cruiser into the Yorktown's bridge...

CONTINUITY: Kor (Errand of Mercy) and Koloth (The Trouble with Tribbles) last appeared in the previous Romulans mini-series, The Hollow Crown. Korax (The Trouble with Tribbles) also appears. A Federation starship has the cloaking device stolen by Kirk (The Enterprise Incident). The USS Yorktown (NCC-1717) is commanded by a Commodore who is quite clearly supposed to be Number One (who served as first officer aboard that ship prior to Pike's accident, according to the novel Vulcan's Glory).

DIVERGENCES: The Yorktown's engineer is dressed in command gold rather than services red.

PANEL OF THE DAY - The ladies never called Koloth "the ice man".
REVIEW: John Byrne returns to his epic Romulan story with even more in the way of political convolutions. Young Gaius is now Praetor, and he's got a wife keeping him steady. She still supports his vendetta against the Enterprise (responsible for his father's death), but there's no hint of anything sinister here. If anything, she's keeping the Klingons at bay. For its part, the Klingon Empire is the one that may be undergoing a schism as the emperor's ugly-ass daughter is introduced as a key player. Everybody's got a counter-move, it seems, making this engaging reading. All the action comes from Kor's battle with Number One's ship, and it's nice to see her having finally accepted the captain's chair (as a commodore, which I suppose loopholes Janice Lester's claims about female captains). Both ships show strategy and guts, but that is one WTF! moment at the end. Byrne really starts this chapter off with a bang.


Jack Norris said...

There's one thing that kind of bugs me about this series: it shows Byrne to be a proponent of the "two types of Klingons" theory, my personal least favourite of all the various explanations ever offered. Ugh.
It also distracts me from his still-good art by reminding me of his crankiness in showing that he's sticking with the idea and nothing's going to convince him, dammit, as late as 2009.

Siskoid said...

I'm not sure what to make of the two species together. I have a feeling that at some point, the Klingons might have found a way to turn the virus non-communicable, allowing for both genotypes to flourish. But you're right, it's a bit strange.

Jack Norris said...

What I meant was that there was a popular theory among Trekkers (sorry) that there were two different types all along, with some sort of "one type is from the northern continent, the other from the southern continent" silliness.
This was around the time of TNG Or when people first started asking the question when the movies came out), but well before the explanation offered in DS9 and confirmed in Enterprise, and there were a number of vocal opponents to the whole idea of the new explanation being made canon, who announced that they would stick with their theory no matter what.
My take on seeing this comic was that Byrne seemed to be throwing his lot in with said group.

Siskoid said...

To be fair to Byrne, this seems to be an IDW thing. In their very second mini, Klingons: Blood Will Tell, they had the two types interacting.

Which is why I proposed that theory.

ON the flipside, and as a piece of trivia, Byrne did the art piece for Klingons for DC's Who's Who in Star Trek, in which the "two continents" theory was given as fact.

De said...

The "northern/southern" thing was first offered as an explanation by Gene Roddenberry himself. This was shortly after Star Trek: The Motion Picture to explain why the Klingons in the movie looked different from the ones on the series.

As for the two "types" co-existing, I just chalk it up to complications in treating the virus.

Siskoid said...

Me too.

We all get a no-prize.

LiamKav said...

Although I don't think we've seen much of Klingon bodies apart from Lusor and B'Tor's boobies, I always thought Klingons would have ridges or other "alien bits" on places other than just their forehead. That woman with the nice legs and the bupy forehead just looks weird.

(Also, would a Klingon woman really shave her legs? Doesn't seem a "warrior" action, does it?)

Anonymous said...

Ha! This panel of the day image came up under a search for "Captain Koloth' and brought me to your site and the review. Made me buy the set and really enjoyed reading them.

Funny thing is that I had the radio on while reading and as I was looking at the foreplay panels and Enrique Iglesias's 'I Like It" started playing.....Soooo wrong, so perfect and too funny. Made me spit soda all over the laptop.

"Don't stop baby, don't stop baby
Just keep on shaking along......"

Koloth!!! Dayuuummmmmmm dude, I know she's a princess 'an all, but you can do better.

Loved the twist right at the end, Yes!


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