Star Trek 1381: Schism, Issue 2

1381. Schism, Issue 2

PUBLICATION: Star Trek: Romulans - Schism #2, IDW Comics, October 2009

CREATORS: John Byrne (writer), John Byrne (artist)

STARDATE: Unknown (before, during and just after the last issue)

PLOT: On Romulus, the Praetor visits his new flagship. In the not too distant past, Number One is given the task of installing and testing the Romulan cloaking device stolen by Kirk. She soon runs afoul of a a Romulan fleet that has claimed a perimeter well outside the Neutral Zone. They fight well, but must eventually flee. That's when they encounter Kor's unmarked ship. Not long after that, after finding the Klingon princess stowing away on his ship, Koloth finds the wreckage of Kor's cruiser...

CONTINUITY: See previous issue (Kor, Koloth, USS Yorktown, Federation cloaking device, Number One). The Romulans use a plasma weapon derived from the one in Balane of Terror.

DIVERGENCES: This time, the engineer on the bridge is miscolored in sciences blue. Other positions may also be miscolored. The fact that swarthy Klingons and bumpy-headed Klingons are interacting doesn't not explicitly contradict onscreen events, though no canonical explanation exists for it (or indeed, for the return of the bumpy heads).

PANEL OF THE DAY - Now that's a paint job worthy of the Romulans.
REVIEW: We go back in time to see the Federation side of things as Number One takes charge of the cloak, but as we inexorably move towards the shocking final moment of the first issue, there is still no clue as to how the Yorktown gets out of it. Exciting stuff with nice battle strategies from Number One (Byrne really does like this character) and the Romulans are holding their own with technological escalation. I was a bit disappointed in the Praetor's giant warbird, simply because it was drawn in such broad strokes. It's neat to see the spacedock and all that, but if you're gonna do a splashy reveal, make it a little more impressive with, I dunno, DETAILS. But a minor complaint. I'm now wondering how far the story can be taken in this chapter with only one issue left.


De said...

Chang seemed to be in between the two types in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Siskoid said...

I know. The bumps were generally less pronounced in the movies, as if the entire race was undergoing a slow genetic treatment.

LiamKav said...

I thought Plumber asked to have subtle makeup, so as not to take away from his acting performance.

I was watching TMP today, and it looked like all the Klingons in that film have the exact same bumps. Either they're all from the same family, or it shows some trouble with curing the virus. Which does make sense, and would help explain the inconsistent ridges we saw over the next few films until they'd (presumably) completely eradicated it by TNG's time.

The D'deridex did have feathers on the model, I believe. They just weren't painted. I remember getting the AMT/ERTL warbird model, and the painting instructions just said to paint the whole thing a single colour.

Siskoid said...

The D'deridex does have the motifs, but I would have loved to see one with bright yellow and orange colors, just once!

As for Chang, are you really bringing the real world into this ;)


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