Reign of the Supermen #2: President Superman

Source: Action Comics Annual #3 (Armageddon 2001 tie-in)
Type: Alternate futureWhat If... Superman Became President of the United States?
After all, Luthor did. In Armageddon 2001, Waverider postcogged Superman a number of times, but his most positive future has to be the one where 10 years on, he becomes Super-POTUS. Waverider was looking for the true identity of Monarch, a villain that destroyed his own time, but all he really did was creature a bunch of What Ifs, none of which had come true by 2001. In Superman's case, the Man of Steel somehow managed to retain a subconscious sense of whatever event created any particular future perceived by Waverider, and undid it almost immediately.

Action Comics Annual #3 (1991)
Based on: Itself
The true history: After Superman senses that Pa Kent is to be crushed by a tractor in the near future thanks to Waverider's vision, he saves his adoptive father's life.
Turning point: What if Pa Kent died in 1991? / What if Waverider hadn't checked out Superman's future right then?
Story type: New World Order
Waverider's mood: Self pity
Altered history: It's 1991 and Pa Kent is crushed by a tractor and dies. Soon, the farm is put up for sale and Ma moves in with Lois and Clark, who are soon wed. When Pete Ross decides to run for the presidency, perhaps inspired by good folks who've had it hard like the late Jonathan Kent, he asks Clark to come on the team as campaign manager. They do so well, somebody has to try and assassinate Pete, which flushes Clark out of the closet.
Oops! Pete pulls through, but asks Clark/Superman to run in his place. If you've read the title of this post, you know his answer. But it isn't as easy as all that, because his opponents fight his nomination on the basis that he isn't American-born. Well guess what - Science disagrees.
This angers Lex Luthor (currently in the guise of Luthor Jr.), but he may just be the only vote cast against the Kent ticket. The other candidate was his puppet, but Senator Forrest agrees to sting ol' Lex, wearing a wire that catches him ordering the president-elect's death. All the pieces matter, bitch! Once elected, Superman gets some lost gold from the ocean bed with Aquaman's help to help pay down the debt.
But he very responsibly gradually deposited the money in the treasury so as not to upset the markets. Other stuff most U.S. presidents haven't really done before: Personally freed hostages, planted a million new trees, turned old disused supervillain lairs in Gotham into affordable housing, and put solar collectors in space to provide cheap energy for the world. Oh yeah, and world peace. Cuz you know, he's intimidating. The last holy grail is disarmament, and his plan involves merging all the superhero groups into the World Peace League. One superhero dares to disagree with this peacenik: Guy Gardner. There's a fight...
...and Guy's ring switches sides! The Guardians punish Guy with imprisonment on Oa, and Hal Jordan offers the prez a ring and a lantern battery. But Superman refuses, believing that it would just be too much power (i.e. he's not Monarch).
Books canceled as a result: I dunno, looks like Superman didn't take himself out of action for his two terms. No need to cancel anything. Except maybe the U.S. Secret Service.
These things happen: Luthor yes, Superman no. However, Pa Kent did recently die in a scheme to further Donnerize the DC Universe. He hasn't disarmed the world yet, but by Superman IV, it's not really Richard Donner anymore.

So would YOU vote for the Man of Steel?


Matthew Turnage said...

I would most definitely vote for the Man of Steel!

The Armageddon 2001 annuals were a lot of fun. Using the What If? review format was a nice touch this time. Will that continue for the various alternate timeline / Elseworlds versions of Superman?

De said...

The explanation of Superman's citizenship was definitely inspired, but I don't think would fly (pardon the pun) in this day and age. Also, I shudder to think how the more zealous Fox News commentators would turn on him.

Siskoid said...

Matt: Sometimes. Basically, this is to show Reign may follow any kind of format, from inspirational pieces to reviews to mergers with other features, to simple point and laugh pic postings.

De: I think you're right. I don't think any superhero could make it in politics, if only because of their vigilanteism, wanton destruction and "turning Dark" storylines.

CalvinPitt said...

Superman veered awful close to Tony Stark in Civil War territory, didn't he? All superheroes will be in one big group, and if you don't agree, I'm taking your power ring away!

Honestly, if the Guardians agree with it (and they must, since they locked up Gardner), it must be a bad idea; those little blue guys are morons.

Prime Director said...

Definitely not.

Nothing against Kal-El, its just that as a rule, I want a president who is resistent neither to pitch forks nor torches... you know, just in case-ies.

Here's a few October Suprise sample headlines:

- Has Superman been paying taxes on the Fortress of Solitude?

- Did Superman engage in blatent sock-puppetry at the Daily Planet?

- Why does Superman's close associate, Batman, hang out with half-naked teenaged boys?

- Did Lois lane have an abortion?

- Is Superman a lah-de-da with a fat bottom?

Face it - this man is unelectable.

chiasaur11 said...

Probably unelectable, yeah, but he certainly would be able to torpedo any candidate he wanted. Man, electing Lex is one of the more impressively boneheaded and improbable moves in the history of comicdom.

Austin Gorton said...

However, Pa Kent did recently die in a scheme to further Donnerize the DC Universe.

Bwa-ha-ha! Oh, >tear<

It's funny cuz it's true.

I would totally vote for Superman, but I can guarantee that whole "born in America" resolution wouldn't fly with Fox News and they'd spend his entire terms of office claiming he has no legitimate right to the office.

Siskoid said...

Wouldn't Fox find a way no matter who the Democratic President was?

Austin Gorton said...

You know it!

Windshear214 said...

Why would Superman have to pay any kind of 'taxes' on the Fortress of Solitude? It's not on U.S. Soil, it's in the Artic Circle! What are you, Lex Luthor's lawyer?


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