Halloween in SPACE!!!

As promised, here are some of the costumes from Saturday night's party here at the ol' apartment TARDIS of Geekery. Once again, the theme was SPACE!!!, which meant different things for different people - some spaced up non-space concepts, while others went for people and things that come from, or have been in, space. I'm only really including the geekier ones, which is still a heck of a lot of folks. So follow Frank the Space Hobo as we head deeper into......the secret sector!

First up, we have me. As usual, I went for the obscure and/or conceptual. I was the space-time vortex!
Here's the 3D detail. It's like you're there.
I knew that box of miniatures would come in handy one day!

Some famous sci-fi characters included Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly) and Gwen Cooper (Torchwood).
I guess Gwen had her baby and it's an alien. Does Rhys know about this?!

My favorite costume of the night though has to go to battle shoveler Furn as the B-movie classic: Robot Monster!
Pretty awesome. Though he quickly learned how all those guys in rubber suits felt as the pounds poured off. The Doctor Who monster diet!

Another favorite is Marty's Rocket Robin Hood.
Very nicely executed. Now stop bumping into me with your rocket pack!

Then comes a series of characters who spaced up their costumes with that universal spacer-upper - aluminum foil! Dr. Horrible might well have gone to space someday on behalf of Bad Horse.
Anything can happen in Scott Pilgrim, so Kim Pine could go too.
And then there's Mary Poppins who can just open her umbrella wider.
No foil needed!

Another strategy was to Halloween-up a space character.
Zombie jedi? Works for me.

And now the costume that looks like it was made in 3 minutes, but actually took 2 and a half hours of cursing and swearing - Buzz Lightyear.
(His words, not mine.)

Sometimes simpler is better, so says Frye and his brain slug.
Is there a reason that brain slug was left behind? I need to find a hat.

Some participants used their imaginations. Amelie is the silent movie alien on the left, and Renée is the Workout Barbie pregnant with an alien child on the right.
She had the baby in due course, and it had no trace of humanity. Even sexless humanity. Ken is gonna be mighty peeved.

There are also those that require some explanation.
On the left is my roomie as Space Mary Magdalene, who in the future, has gone to work with the big D. However, she's still handing out resurrection eggs to limbo contest winners or particular suffering in hot costumes. Those red eggs were very much prized. Look up the Magdalene on Wiki to see what the heck Easter Eggs have to do with this, but it's all there. On the right, downstairs neighbor Ludger is dressed as Space Herménégilde Chiasson, a famous poet/artist/playwright/filmmaker/Lieutenant Governor from our fair province. Better not to ask.

And then there was those whose space-worthiness no one questions.
Lady Gaga.

So that was our Halloween party this year. How was yours?


De said…
Cool costumes all round. I don't suppose Space Mary Poppins could call me? ;-)
Siskoid said…
She's expialadocious!
Austin Gorton said…
So that was our Halloween party this year. How was yours?

Not nearly as cool and geeky as yours!

Though we did have a spot-on Conan O'Brien...