Reign of the Supermen #40: Thor-El

Source: Unlimited Access #4 (1998)
Type: AmalgamTo stop the combined forces of the New Gods and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the superheroes of the DC and Marvel Universes agreed to allow Access to combine them into the X-League. And so was born Thor-El, wielder of the energy mallet of the Kryptonian Thunder God! He would rather be exiled to the Valhalla Zone than let the Brotherhood of Evil Gods get their way! Nothing less than Nornonite can lay him low!

Don't say thee nay to Amalgamonday!


Craig Oxbrow said…
What was the rationale behind this? In-character, rather than "I want to mashup characters in new ways!" out of character? Because combining Thor and Superman seems less effective than having both of them on your side.
Siskoid said…
The rationale is flawed. It's built on the premise that attacking with 6 heroes is better than doing so with 12heroes if the 6 have the 12's powers.
Anonymous said…
"Thor-El." I think they lit a cigar after they thought of that one. See also "Green Giant" and (my favorite) "Jean Black."

- Mike Loughlin
chiasaur11 said…
New Gods and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?

Does that kinda feel like the Dream Team and an above average high school teaming up for basketball to anyone else?

I mean, when you got Darkseid, Toad feels a bit extraneous.
Siskoid said…
Well, that evil Scarlet Witch/Lashina mash-up was pretty neat, but yeah.