Reign of the Supermen #49: DC Heroes' Supermen

Source: Mayfair's DC Heroes RPG (1985-1993)
Type: Role-playing gameMayfairstivus compells me! This is the last day of that grand festival, as heralded by my prophet, Firestorm Fan's Shag (and his prophet Frank Diabolu). Many blogs are participating, so check it out.

But what is it? Well, it seems a good number of us remain fans of Mayfair's DC Heroes RPG, and though I'm trying out Green Ronin's DC Adventures right now, DCH remains the best superhero game I've ever played. To me it's still the most elegant. I thought I might show off Superman's stats in that system, but which version? 1st edition is the clunkier, with Superman's stats wayyyyy out of control. Click to get a closer look:
Keeping in mind that each numbered increment in DCH represents twice the previous value, that Strength of 50 is moon-shattering! My first copy of DCH was 2nd ed., where most high-end characters top off at 25 (which benchmarks at nearly a million tons for Superman's Strength), so in getting all those old sourcebooks and modules, I couldn't believe how inflated the numbers were. Does he really need Flight 45?!? But in retrospect, it's perfect. The 1st edition Superman was clearly the pre-Crisis model, that Silver Age wonder who could literally move planets.

2nd edition and 3rd edition Supermen are near identical, so here's 3rd (again, click to make it bigger):
The first thing you notice is that the stats are way more manageable... Well, actually the first thing you notice is that Superman is "deceased". Talk about being topical! 3rd edition also features the Reign of the Supermen replacements, so that's pretty cool. But I digress. The point is that even with reduced numbers, Superman is still the most powerful hero out there.

On, I still have a pile of stats for DC characters I made or adapted. There are 13 discreet versions of Superman, as well as Superboy (pocket dimension), Superboy (Connor), the Eradicator, Steel and the Cyborg-Superman. I keep meaning to do more, but the project was insane to begin with.


Siskoid - Great post! Glad you could join us for Mayfairstivus! You've been carrying the torch longer than anyone.

The Pre-Crisis Superman stats are insane! He could juggle the multiverse. :)

The Irredeemable Shag
Siskoid said…
I started playing with 2nd ed.'s release, but my first product was Ambush Bug's Don't Ask (because Ambush Bug). I played with the same evolving group from 1989 to 1991, then more sporadically in 1996-97 and more recently with a pretty long committment from 2005 to 2007.