Reign of the Supermen #58: Composite Superman/Batman Rocket Ship

Source: Superman/Batman #6 (2004)
Type: ObjectIt's a giant rocket built by the 13-year-old Toyman to destroy a kryptonite meteor the size of Brazil. And it was built in the shape of the Composite-Superman.

Poor Jeph Loeb... He's come a long way since his overnight success with The Long Halloween... a long way down. His work with Tim Sale was almost universally heralded (from Challengers of the Unknown on), but he's currently on that list of writers who sell lots of comics, but are lambasted by critics. The Red Hulk, the Ultimate cannibal Blob, and the mess that became Heroes have definitely revealed his weaknesses. His work on Superman-Batman has attracted complaints, especially when it comes to consistency with the rest of the DCU, but why don't we let him get away with it while Bob Haney's Brave and the Bold comics are considered crazy classics? Why do bloggers love awesome "comic booky" ideas, unless they come from Loeb? I leave that to you - I'm neither attacking nor defending - but while you might find fault with the way Major Force's powers are depicted, or the loyalty of certain heroes to President Luthor, or the return of the awful green and purple armor, or the implication that Luthor knows Batman is Bruce Wayne, there are an awful lot of big comic book ideas even in just the opening story of Superman/Batman.

7 Things Almost as Crazy as the Composite Superman Mecha in Superman/Batman #1-6
-Massive sewers right under a graveyard as revealed when Batman and Superman bomb themselves downward out of a grave!

-There is apparently an embargo on Apokalips-made products.

-Superman travels back through time to kill his younger self... and Batman... with the 60s Batmobile!

-Gorilla Grodd controlling an army of super-villains from atop the Washington Monument.

-Luthor high on Venom cut with a little kryptonite.

-Superman firing a gun.

-Luthor putting the mack on Amanda Waller.

I have a feeling I'll find lots of new Supermen in Loeb's Superman/Batman work...


Jeff R. said…
There was a time, starting from the end of No Mans Land, when it seemed like we were going to have Luthor switching over to be a major Batman enemy for a while. And really, considering how flimsy Batman's secret ID is (even just from Robin issues alone...Luthor is smarter than Tim Drake. Period.), it's hard to see that as President, he couldn't have found out.

I always liked the idea that the entire purpose behind Luthor's spending billions to rebuild Gotham was to recover the Kryptonite Bullet. But that went by the wayside as we moved to a pre-bronze-age Kryptonite is easy to come by paradigm instead...
Siskoid said…
Luthor should be a player in everyone's life. Which is what Cornell seems to be up to in Action Comics.
Siskoid said…
Luthor should be a player in everyone's life. Which is what Cornell seems to be up to in Action Comics.
Anonymous said…
Did you end up watching the movie Public Enemies, with a few of the DCAU cast returning?
Anonymous said…
I think it's as good as any of the other recent movies, but it does have at least half of the things you pointed out here.