Reign of the Supermen #63: The Ghost of Superman-Future

Source: Superman vol.1 #416 (1985)
Type: FutureNo relation to A Christmas Carol aside from the title's reference, but now's as good a time as any to mention this future version of Superman who, a hundred years on, used his best friend Luthor's holographic projector to send himself a message back in time. That message: To delay the capture of Luthor for a bit. During that bit, Luthor saves the life of a young man who would later become the psychiatrist who would cure him of his evil.

Of course, the issue's first story tells us the tale without Future Superman's ghostly intervention and Lex still manages to save the boy from drowning while Superman's distracted so... He creates paradoxes just for fun?


Stephen said…
Yup. That was just poor writing and editing. They shouldn't have shown the kid getting saved in the first part to begin with.

Also how did Future Superman ever know that the kid that had drowned on that day would cure Luthor?

It's all just really silly.

Getting rid of all these writers after Crisis was the best thing DC has ever done for Superman. I've got nothing against Elliot S! Maggin, Cary Bates and the others, it's just that many of their stories were just terrible, some were amazing, but many were unforgivably terrible and 60's-ish.

I love Curt Swan, but sometimes the man really needs to think of what he's drawing. Till the early 70's it was okay to draw future people wearing pointy clothes with the shirt and the pants being of the same colour with weird crowns, but this was 1986 and he made those future reporters look like court jesters from the 1200's.
Siskoid said…
The Superman books were really retro prior to Crisis.