Cat of the Geek #96: General

Name: General
Stomping Grounds: Stephen King's Cat's Eye
Side: Good
Breed: American shorthair
Cat Powers: Protecting little girls from trolls (if only her mom will let him). Ability to cross the United States. also, to run away from Cujo and Christine. Running narration.
Skills: Eat 3, Sleep 3, Mischief 4, Wit 4, Crossing the road unharmed 7
Cat Weaknesses: Electric shocks. A tendency to get into trouble.


Craig Oxbrow said…
"So what do you want to play in the new Buffy game?"
"A cat."
"a talking cat?"
"No, just a cat."
"... Cool."
Siskoid said…
Did this ever happen to you?

Our DWAITAS game did have a cat, but he was treated as a gadget.
Craig Oxbrow said…

I was once in a game with a catgirl. We shall never speak of it again.