Reign 100 Contest: Who's Making That Guy Freak Out?

100 days of Reign, 100 Supermen... It puts me in the mood for a contest!

Taking a page from Bully who, in the last days of 2010, made us believe there were 365 of these, I present details from 20 homages to the cover of Action Comics #1. See that guy FREAKING OUT in the bottom left corner? He showed up a lot. Your mission, should you accept it, is to identify WHO is making each version freak out (in other words, WHO is crashing the car). Since this IS part of the Reign of the Supermen year-long event, there might be one or more versions of Superman in there, so be careful to tell me which (for example, on Action Comics #1, the answer would be the Golden Age Superman). Send your answers via email to siskoid7 (at) hotmail (dot) com, NOT through the comment section (spoilerzzz!). You have until Sunday, March 6th at midnight EST. See the bottom of the post for the prize.
The winner will be the responder with the most correct answers. In case of a tie (such as if more than one person gets every answer correct), I will hold a random draw. The lucky winner will be contacted as asked to name his or her favorite Superman featured in the first 100 days of Reign. I will then create a custom, one-of-a-kind Reign of the Supermen iron-on featuring that Superman and mail it to that winner (in either full-page, I wear my geekiness proudly all over my chest, or in more discreet quarter-page format best suited to girls' t-shirts and breast pockets). And telling us your personal favorite in the comments IS allowed.

The winner will be announced Monday, March 7th! Until then, good luck and don't freak out!