Reign of the Supermen #103: The Diro

Source: Action Comics #314 (1964)
Type: Alternate timelineIt's Amalgamonday, and we look in again on Jor-El as he forecasts his son's destiny as a hero. Whatever planet he's sent to, he becomes a different member of the Justice League! But where will he become Superman? Not here.

This week: Becoming Batman
Landing site: Saruun, a planet that only knows night because the fools put a giant satellite between it and its red sun.
Adoptive parents: A grim, but good lawman who teaches his foster-son to become the best lawman ever.
A new life: Following his father's dream, he dresses up as a "diro", a flying creature indigenous to Saruun - a cross between a bat, a stingray and a hammerhead shark. He strikes fear into the hearts of criminals.
Final score: B+

Jor-El doesn't want to condemn his son to unending darkness, not when there are juicy yellow suns out there...