Reign of the Supermen #74: Gregory Reed

Source: Action Comics #414 (1972)
Type: ImpostorThe great actor Gregory Reed's tips on how to properly incarnate Superman.
1. Wig and latex mask
2. Padding and 4-inch lifts
3. Switch bodies with Superman via a magic spell
4. Now apologize for what you've done
Gregory Reed played Superman in a number of movies in the DCU, but his mind was unbalanced after a fire on set disfigured him. After Superman returned everyone to their proper bodies, Reed confessed and became an ally, returning from time to time to impersonate the Man of Steel on his behalf, sometimes taking a 12-hour pill that gave him Superman's powers, but usually just to take part in secret identity schemes. The rest of the time, he makes special appearances for charity.

I think that's him on the walking tour of America...


rob! said…
The physics of Superman's right hand over his left elbow in the first panel confounds me.
Siskoid said…
Then you have been taken in by Reed's amazing (deformed) performance. That's him, NOT Superman!
Paul C said…
I'm still loving your 'Reign' series.

I was wondering if you'll be featuring one on of my favourite alternate Supermen, this guy....
Siskoid said…
Thanks Paul.

And yes, he's in the database. Let me nudge him up sooner for you.