Reign of the Supermen #85: Superman 1890

Source: Superman vol.1 #35 (1945)
Type: Cover visualWould Superman have become an American icon if he'd always had the circus strongman mustache?

Posing for fake daguerreotypes... just another hobby for the man who can do anything.


Craig Oxbrow said…
A real 1890s Superman would have been called "Remarkable Chap".

Still, Lois rocks a bustle and leg-o'-muttons.
Siskoid said…
Where was he during Gotham by Gaslight?
snell said…
"Posing for fake daguerreotypes"??

Hell, this is Superman--he probably travelled back in time to 1890 with Lois to get a real daguerrotype!! Superman needs no fakes!!
Siskoid said…
By George, you have to be right!