Reign of the Supermen #86: Tekkohito

Source: JLA: Shogun of Steel (2002)
Type: ElseworldsA couple weeks ago, I was all about giving Project: Rooftop contributors contracts with DC to bring their designs to life, specifically Alex Mitchell's Chambara JLA. What I failed to remember is that DC had already done a chambara-style Elseworlds graphic novel. Not taking anything away from Mitchell, Shogun of Steel by Raab and Justiniano also looks beautiful.

Though the JLA features, it's really a Superman story. He's not the eponymous "Shogun of Steel", that would be Brainiac. Brainiac armed with a jade/kryptonite sword. And though it takes the assembled might of Feudal Japan's JLA rebels to take him down, they really couldn't have done it without Hoshi, the "child of the stars", raised with Buddhist values by the old fisherman who found him.
Gorgeous stuff well worth finding for the art alone.