Reign of the Supermen #155: Black Zero

Source: Superboy vol.3 #61-64 (1999)
Type: Alternate EarthBefore Superboy-Prime came on the scene, there was another hyperdimensional evil Superboy, and his name was Black Zero (after a Kryptonian protest group). Unlike Prime, he doesn't kill other Superboys. He only captures them so they can't interfere with his plans to protect DNAliens--I mean "Genetix"-- from us cruel, cruel naturally-born humans. He seems to be the only Superboy clone decanted as an adult, and he uses his mature powers of tactile telekinesis, his chamber of Doomsdays, his army of Guardian clones, and incredibly garish fashions to subjugate humanity in ever reality.

And his soul patch.
His terrible soul patch.
They call it that because it eats your soul.
Too late. You are his.


Brad said…
his name was Black Zero (after a Kryptonian protest group).

Actually there was an earlier villain of the same name. In Superman #205 Superman met Black Zero, an interstellar assassin with telepathic and mind-over-matter powers. BZ claimed to be the man who really blew up Krypton, which is why this is one of the stories said to be Mopee'd – that is, ignored by continuity buffs. "La la la, didn't happen, didn't happen."

For more on Black Zero, check out his Wiki page:
Anonymous said…
I'm actualy using that post-Crisis Black Zero in a fanfiction. Without his eevil soul patch.