Reign of the Supermen #297: Black Lantern Superboy-Prime

Source: Adventure Comics vol.2 #5 (2010)
Type: Alternate EarthBlack is for...

Death, as the Black Lanterns gross out on it
Every t-shirt I ever wore in the 90s
Frank Miller's comics
The Guardian who keeps pestering Turlough to kill the Doctor
What AC/DC are back in
Lightning and Goliaths and Panthers and sheep oh my!
The void of space, fascinating and terrifying
Kirby dots
My big, beautiful cat
Knights who keep fighting after their limbs have been chopped off
Dalek Sec (not Dalek Sex, get your head out of the gutter)


Craig Oxbrow said…
A proper scream needs Rs and/or Gs. "AAAAAHH!" just sounds like the contented sigh of having a nice cup of tea.
SallyP said…
Hee. These are great.
Siskoid said…
Those Black Lanterns are quite happy with thei new status, so it's possible!

Sally: One more to go!