Reign of the Supermen #309: Superman, Sky Hero

Source: Marx Toys (1977)
Type: ToyClick to double the image in size where you can read the amazing ad copy. I just want to see a couple things:
1) There are three other Sky Heroes available, but you know, only Superman can actually fly.
2) They capes deploy after you throw them, but I guess no one told the licensees that two of their heroes didn't have capes.
3) Also, I like that they flaunt its ability to "dive". They mean "crash", don't they? Bless.

Did anyone have one of these when they were kids? Did they in fact work as advertised?


Anonymous said…
I had the Superman and Batman ones. Enjoyed them and actually would bet money that they're still at my parents house. Gotta go look tomorrow.
Siskoid said…
From what I've read they're pretty rare now and should represent part of your retirement fund. :)