Meanwhile, in the Amalgam Universe...

After Blackest Reign and Brightest Age, came the Fearpoint event, in which our Amalgam characters were put through the ringer, in a distorted timeline in which heroes were mistrusted and hammer-bearing New Asgardians waged war over the world.

And then, it was all over, leading to Amalgam's Island of 52, an ingenious relaunch of the entire line.

Bruce Wayne's Agents of SHIELD gets a lot of solo titles, including Moonwing and Huntress, and field agent Batpanther. The Dark Claw is still around, teamed up with a younger Falcon in at least one book. Super-Patriot is taken back to his roots in Suspense Comics, and Spitfire Girl is thawed out to join him in the present day in her own title. Angsty books recall the Dark Age of comics, like an Assassins revival, Bucky and the Winter Soldiers, Hawk and Dagger, and Titans Academy. The Iron Lantern spawns four books, thanks to his recent popularity both in the movies and thanks to the War of Metals story arc. Aquamariner, Bullets & Bracelets, Spider-Boy, Hawkangel, Speed Demon and the JLAvengers are all back, as well as newer teams and characters like the Birds for Hire, Guardians Lost, the Thunder Squad and the Terrific Giant-Man. Competing for the teen hero niche against Spider-Boy are Speedbeetle, Elektroshock and Fury of the Firetorches.

Amalgam also makes an effort to bring readers a greater variety of genres, like All-Gun Western featuring Generation Hex, and war comics like Blazing G.I. Combat (starring Nick Fury's grandson) and the Howling Hawks. The dark corners of the Amalgam universe are covered by such books as Omega the Animal Man, Touch of the Swamp Thing, Mitch Bloodstone, the MI-13 Knights, Frankenstein of the Future Foundation, and I, Dracula.

All this, plus Amalgamation comes to Amalgam when it absorbs the NewStorm Universe. The Stormbrand Corps will prove key to the history of the new timeline, where they will be joined by Merc and Voodoomask. Will you come ashore and discover the Island of 52?


Scott said…
I think I need to have your baby now.
Siskoid said…
I'm sorry, my womb is all male and stuff.

However, there's always the Amalgamation process. Our kid would be Siskott, of course.
Brilliant. Again. I feel a bit sick that I could follow each title you created and know a bit about the characters found inside. My contribution 'Manbats and the Zoo Two' - A team of genetically modified heroes in the vien of Mobius the Living Vampire and the Wonder Twins - the Zoo Two can turn into Reptile and Mammal species respectively. There are two other 'children of science' that can turn into avian species and water species and a pathetic failed Insect Boy Experiment who is a living cockroach like creature of immense strength but poor ability to communicate his good intentions to others.