Reign of the Supermen #327: Super-Batman

Source: Superman vol.1 #405 (1985)
Type: TransformationWhy would Superman dress up as Super-Batman? Well, Amalgamonday fans, there's a very good reason!

And here it is.

Uhm... maybe I should say "Mileage may vary."
Superman grew horns and needed a costume with horns built-in. Told you it was a good reason.

Ok, ok, here's the skinny: It happens when Clark's co-anchor Lana Lang blows a Pan flute uncovered by her archaeologist father. Why Clark and no one else? Because Pan worshipers of Ancient Greece enchanted the flute to brand a superior being to become their leader. Another blow from the pipes and Superman was healed, but thanks to a pickpocket, it took him a while to find it. That meant wearing hats and helmets and ice packs as Clark Kent, and wearing a spare Bat cowl from the Fortress of Solitude wax museum.

One thing's for sure... You don't want to be on the receiving end of one of HIS batarangs.


Anonymous said…
No question about it. That IS cool. :)