Reign of the Supermen #329: Superman Prime

Source: DC One Million #4 (1998), DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1 (1999), All-Star Superman #6 (2007)
Type: Alternate futureYour Superman Squad member of the Week is its leader - the ultimate evolution of the Superman we know and love. Legend has it that after outliving his friends and wife, Superman took to traveling the universe, acquiring new powers and skills along the way, even apprenticing with the Source itself. After 700 years, he returned to forge a covenant with members of his legacy, imparting unto them a measure of his power so long as they used for truth, justice and that other thing, also absorbing some of the powers acquired by his lineage. He then entered his Fortress of Solitude inside the Super-Sun and would not be seen again until the 853rd century when he would return to defeat Solaris the Living Sun, his powers unimaginably amplified by millennia inside a star. Upon his return, far future magic/science and Superman Prime's limitless power recreated Lois Lane and Krypton itself, and they lived immortally ever after.

Superman Prime also appeared in All-Star Superman to deliver a golden flower for Jonathan Kent's grave, linking that continuity with DC One Million's. Since Superman Prime's powers include time travel, dimension hopping and magic twisting, it doesn't mean the Superman who enters the sun at the end of All-Star #12 is the same as this one, though it may be that Superman eventually came out, took his 700-year-trip and became Golden Prime as well. Who knows, all viable continuities may lead to this.


Anonymous said…
I just realized how I want the Superboy-Prime story arc to be resolved once and for all: Superman-Prime takes him away to find a role for him, somewhere in space and time. Superman-Prime might be the only guy who can withstand Superboy-Prime's tantrums; and if there's anything Superman-Prime knows, it's that there is all the time in the cosmos, and eventually good will win out.
Siskoid said…
Prime's story had a nice ending in Adventure Comics, but then Krul brought him back and gave him a very definite ending in Teen Titans #100. And if that wasn't definite enough, the DCU rebooted.