Reign of the Supermen #338: Robot JLA

Source: JLA Classified #2 (2005)
Type: RobotsSynopses of Grant Morrison stories hold a satisfaction all their own:

When The Ultramarine Corps (which I will always call the Global Guardians) is taken over by fairy-like Sheeda parasitic riders (from 7 Soldiers of Victory) allied with Mister Nebula and a man-eating Gorrila Grodd while the bulk of the JLA is bring distracted in the new-born universe of Qwewq, Batman must open the "Sci-Fi Closet" to defeat them. With the Squire tagging along, he Boom Tubes his flying saucer to Pluto, where he has a secret stash of Superman Robots he redesigns into a makeshift Justice League while the Squire attempts to contact the real Justice League in Qwewq. Sadly, the robots don't last very long.

And yes, that means there's a Superman robot in drag playing Wonder Woman.


Gotta' love Morrison right? I have the entire "Robot JLA" arc issues, and they are indeed sweet. Not just for the story, but McGuniness' art isn't all that bad to look at either.

But you know, now that you mention it, it is kind of messed up that besides the fact that Batman has a secret Sci-Fi closet(nothing gay about that, wink wink, nod nod, say no more)that he also had to modify a Superman robot to become WW. That just says all sorts of messed up things about his and Supes' relationship right?

Either way classic story, classic Morrison.
Mitchell Craig said…
I like the panel where the Flash robot disassembles Grodd's gun, while a giant ! expresses the big ape's surprise.