Halo 3: Penalties and Rewards

Batman and the Outsiders #9 - Pages 22-23
It's about to end, I swear! All Halo has to do now is find a way to punish the high school kidnappers and get Greg back to the stadium for the marching band competition. But these guys are all future lawyers!Yeah, they barely qualify for Gotham's juvie hall for the criminally insane. Halo on the other hand... she's got the crazy eye goin':
The hot pink aura is heat, if I'm not mistaken, so she's roasting these pigs!
Better not examine the panel too closely for phallic symbolism though. You could do yourself grievous psychological harm. And don't worry, they're not dead...
...but Halo did just steal their car keys AND encourage them to acquire useful car-thieving skills. Now, explain that next panel to me:
Halo just burned off their clothes, but spared the boys? How is that possible (remember, this IS Halo we're talking about). Looks like they had time to take them off and lay them in a small pile before they were turned to cinder. And now they have to stay close enough to use the blanket as a modesty shield, yet far enough that they don't actually touch. Takes all their concentration, so I doubt they even realize Halo's pun makes no sense. Let's just get Greg home.
Was there any doubt as to your identity, Greg? "It IS me!" seems a very strange realization. And he left April in quite a worrisome state, what with all those shadow band members lurking about.
Gee Halo, she IS telling him. She was WORRIED. That's a FEELING! But go ahead, play Cupid even if you have no idea what a relationship actually is.
Blast aura to the fanny seals the deal. Halo is all about fine-tuning her powers in this story. Unless her blasts have always been really weak? Maybe she can push Coldsnap and Heatstroke into each other's arms in the next issue. More evidence that Halo doesn't know what the hell she's doing: She just gave her best friend a boyfriend. We're never going to see April again.
Clark Kent's glasses? Meet Halo's colored hair streaks. Secret identity SECURED. So did Greg's pep talk do the trick? Or did they lose because Greg and April were making out under the bleachers? How can Glee be a hit, but Community is slated for cancellation? All good questions. I can answer the first two anyway:
Halo and her cloth-moving aura, eh? And now for the big twist. Ready?
The back-up story connects to the main one! See?
Except Katana is decidedly less animated and Halo is holding the flute in the wrong hand. (Yes, I went there.) But you know what this means. It means Halo's breaking the fourth wall is not a stylistic framing choice, it's actually part of Outsiders continuity. She was down there talking to "readers" when the call to action came in. It HAPPENED. Adjust your character sheets to include the Reality Check power on Halo. (Wait. You're role-playing HALO?! I've had a player use Red Tornado, but that would be ridiculous.)

As Halo says, "this is the end". Until we meet again in Outsiders #10 and the conclusion of the Masters of Disaster story. But that's gonna be, what, in March or April maybe? One issue per season is more than enough for this old blogger.


SallyP said...

Well! She certainly showed those hoodlums a thing or two! And she is in the Outsiders...why?

Of course, if they'll take Geoforce, it's obvious they'll take ANYbody!

Siskoid said...

I DO NOT KNOW why any of the Outsiders are in Outsiders.


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