Siskoid Radio: Geek Out! - January 21st

"If your Spider-Man collection is worth more than your house, you might be a geek..."

Got back into radio yesterday (after a false start last week) with a show on campus radio called Geek Out! It's all about comics, movies, tv, rpgs, and other geek niches, accompanied by music inspired by all of these. It's in my native French, of course, but the music is split maybe 60/40 and I thought it might be interesting to keep a record on this here blog of what I might talk about and play. You can't exactly follow along, but at least you're not missing any potential "bonus content". Cough.

Intro tune: Threshold 8-bit version - Brian LeBarton (we'll see if it sticks, seemed to work here)
T'é Triss - Groovy Aardvark
Geek News: The headlines included D&D going to a 5th edition, DC's new logo, and the 10 million dollar reward for inventing the medical tricorder.
Batdance - Prince (he doesn't want his music on You-Tube, but you know the song I mean)
(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar - The Guild
Comics recommendation: The Guild comics from Dark Horse, charming and funny, and a must for fans of the popular web series.
Game On by - Guild
Comics round-up: Basically a few of the week's tweeted comic book reviews.
To lead into the next song, a short discussion on how I haven't seen Tintin yet because of the damned 3D, and which books the sequels will be about. (No mystery to me. There are two other 2-book stories, so it has to be Prisoners of the Sun and Tintin on the Moon.)
On a Marché sur la Lune - Ralph et les Baronics
Movie recommendation: Hard Core Logo (see my capsule review in This Week in Geek)
Who the Hell You Think You Are? - Swamp Baby (as Hard Core Logo)
Rémi - Pénélope
Geek Band: Every week, I'll highlight an artist or group who make extensive use of geekery, or have a particular geek cachet. This week, Cavaliers Noirs, a rap group from Montreal who use a lot of samples from genre movies, or rather, their French dubs.
Amèr Rica - Cavaliers Noirs (can't identify the sample)
Le Pouvoir - Cavaliers Noirs (sample from 1984)
Dernier Souper- Cavaliers Noirs (sample from Blade Runner)
Hail to the Geek - Dead Pedestrians
Geek 101: A series to help you embrace your inner geek, or understand the geek in your life. Though I'll be exploring some of the more obscure niches in the future, I start with simple definitions of what "geek" means, contrasting with other words like "nerd", "freak" and "hipster".
A musical block of tunes from Chuck and why you really should be watching it (from the beginning, not in the middle of its last season, of course). The next songs are associated with some of the women in Chuck's life (cue walk-into the BuyMore with wind blowing).
Short Skirt Long Jacket - Cake (the show's theme is really Sarah's song)
Keep Yourself Warm - Frightened Rabbit (for his treacherous ex, Jill)
L'Amoureuse - Carla Bruni (for Kristin Kreuk's Hannah, whom he initially met on a trip to Paris)
I make my goodbyes and invite listeners to return next week, and I end on a Doctor Who theme song remix, something I plan to do every time:
Who Rocks the Party That Rocks the TARDIS - Angel Mendez

The show's on CKUM Radio every Saturday between 7 PM and 8:30 PM Atlantic Time (-4 GMT) on 93,5 FM in the Moncton area, or online, while capacity isn't exceeded, HERE.



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