Susan: The Character Sheet

If I'm going to convert each season into a role-playing campaign, I thought I might as well do the "players'" character sheets. We lose Susan today, so perhaps it's time for Carole Ann to surrender her sheet to us. (Click to enlarge.)Time Lords have tons of Traits. They hardly fit in that little box. Here are Susan's:

-Attractive (Minor) - strange but cute
-Fast Healing (Minor) - sprained ankles never stay sprained very long
-Lucky (Minor)
-Run For Your Life! (Minor)
-Screamer! (Minor)
-Time Traveller/Tech Level 2 (Minor) - the stuff she learned in that Aztec school
-Time Traveller/Tech Level 5 (Minor) - the stuff she learned at Coal Hill

-Clumsy (Minor)
-Eccentric/Fiercely loyal to her grandfather (Minor) - she won't easily disobey him
-Eccentric/Perpetually "wet" (Minor) - Susan's first reflex will usually be to scream, run or freeze, and she'll even interfere with companions who want to stand and fight
-Eccentric/Quick to love (Minor) - Susan swiftly becomes enamored of the people she meets on her travels and is quick to trust them, even with her life (ex.: Ian, Barbara, Ping-Cho, the Sensorites, David)
-Impulsive (Minor)
-Outcast (Minor) - exiled from Gallifrey for stealing a TARDIS with you know who

-Inexperienced (+3 Story Points)
-Telepathy - limited to when telepathic fields are available (such as in The Sensorites). In other words, she's got to spend Story Points to make things happen
-Time Lord - no Feel the Turn of the Universe, factored into her higher Story Points
-Vortex - only a +1 bonus, because she can't pilot the TARDIS alone, but can help service it

Putting herself out of action through falls, sprains, fear, scholastic opportunities, or her grandfather's over-protectiveness.

That's my take using the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space system, anyway. Do you like this? Should I do them for every character as they take their last bows?


Tim Knight said...

That's really good, thank you. Please keep it up. Good to see someone keeping the flame alive even if Cubicle 7 have given up the ghost and moved on to pastures new.

Siskoid said...

I'm definitely not alone. I big shout-out to main providers of DWAITAS content The Door in Time and Bigger on the Inside, as well as the DWAITAS boards, of course.

Tim Knight said...

Of course, silly me, I FOLLOW the excellent Door In Time. D'oh!

But I still think it's sad that C7 appear to have totally fumbled this potentially great franchise. Their recent newsletter of forthcoming releases for early 2012 had no mention whatsoever of DWAITAS :(

And the 11th Doctor repackaging probably won't appear now until the Ponds have left the TARDIS... thus necessitating another repackaging.

It's can't be entirely the fault of the BBC as other Doctor Who licensed products come out all the time - and not just one-offs but magazines, toys, statues etc. The pages of DWM and the Forbidden Planet catalogue are full of DW merch, but no sign of anything more for DWAITAS.

Phew, got that off my chest. No to go and relax in a quiet corner ;)

Siskoid said...

While I wish I had lots of DWAITAS products on my shelves, it's really rather easy to work out stats for characters and monsters, and it's not like I don't own (and have regularly played!) any other RPGs with fewer than than 3 books. DWAITAS will remain a favorite no matter how little support it gets, and I'm glad for the do-it-yourselfers that are supporting it out there. (And with Doctor Who, lots of other games can be repurposed to serve it, the advantage of moving through space and time.)

It could have been more, but I'm ok with it being what it is. If it gets back on track, it'll be an unexpected bonus as far as I'm concerned.

Tim Knight said...

That is - of course - the correct positive attitude to take, and as you say, many other RPGs thrive with fewer books out there.

I think it's just that the books/box sets were promised, we saw pictures of the covers, lists of their contents and then... nothing... and more nothing...

It's all academic for me, anyway, as I've found my niche now with the retroclones and was only looking at DWAITAS as something Whovian to collect ;)

Hopefully Primeval will be out soon - interesting to see that engine turned to a more combat-orientated setting (which is why I wanted the UNIT material!)

Siskoid said...

Yes I'm quite curious to see how expanded combat will work within the DWAITAS engine.

Craig Oxbrow said...

Well, shucks. Thanks

I don't miss having more DWAITAS stuff for myself, but for the kids it can and should be a perfect introductory game for.

Anonymous said...

When you did the S1 post and had stats for other characters I must admit I was tempted to ask about the TARDIS crew. Glad to see you thought of it anyway. Looking forward to Barbara and Ian! :D

Siskoid said...

I wanted to evaluate them fully, so from their entire time on the show, before attempting the stats job.

Craig Oxbrow said...

Belated thought - she should have Time Traveller TL5 as well, from her time at Coal Hill. Even if she was eight years out with decimal currency.

Siskoid said...

Yes, I think you're right. Similarly, I think Ian, Barbara may well get a similar Trait for their month in Ancient Rome. I think that's a significant amount of time.

Jeffrywith1e said...

Siskoid, these are amazing. Do you happen to have them in PDF format or just in the image as you have here?

Siskoid said...

You mean of the completed sheets (minus Traits which I always port over to the article)? Or clean sheets in that template?

Jeffrywith1e said...

Well, I was thinking the complete sheets, but if it's easy to provide a blank template, that too!

I think they're just great!

Siskoid said...

Well, they were made in 72 dpi for the web and not as pdfs, but you've convinced me to at least try to remake them at higher res and make pdf bundles.

We'll see it I'm successful at it. Keep your eyes on the blog. Maybe when Ben and Polly leave, I'll be able to provide a link to a 1st Doc pdf bundle on Googledocs.

Siskoid said...

Jeffry: A first bundle is available for download up through Hartnell's departure (and including a 1st Doctor sheet template). I've redone everything in 300 dpi which is a much higher quality indeed.

Available here

Jeffrywith1e said...

This is excellent! Thank you for your very kind efforts.

Siskoid said...

Glad you like it. I'll make more available as we go along.


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