Tourist Traps of the Forgotten Realms: The Sea of Swords

Being a travelogue of a blogger's summer vacation through the continent of Faerun.Literally a trap.

When I boarded a ship headed for Moonshae, I didn't realize I would be at the mercy of the winds, or indeed, their absence. It's been almost two weeks since the Gray Seal left Waterdeep's port, and we have yet to see land on the horizon. The sails are limp and the ship doesn't have any oarsmen. The Gray Seal thankfully pays protection to the pirates in these waters (or at least, to one of them), which is part of the reason I chose it. We haven't been molested yet. I've taken it upon myself to make the best of it and think of it as a very small holiday camp on a creaking island, but we're down to hard biscuits and recycled sea shanties. The main activity is buffet-spotting, and any brief breeze will do. Now I really do feel like Michael Palin, specifically in the last episode of Around the World in 80s Days, the Pacific crossing.

Travel tip #5: Learn magic. Then learn some kind of damn wind spell. Or else, leave the sea to the fishes.