This Week in Daleks

No, that's not a new weekly feature, it's just that Daleks have been crossing my path lately. For example, an art student on the campus I work on put up a woodcut of a Dalek head made up of smaller Daleks in the Fine Arts building gallery, confounding students and faculty alike (but not me and my TARDIS gang). I wanted to get a picture of it, but when I went by with a camera, the whole exhibit had changed. Really too bad. Gotta talk to the engraving teacher, he's an old friend, maybe he can hook me up with the artist. Might even buy a print.

And then there's my bloggin' buddy Snell who sent me this link to an unaired vintage Doctor Who cigar ad showing a Dalek having a smoke.

Hamlet cigars... The smoky flavor most relevant to my interests.

Other rejected slogans include :
Exterminate all humidors.
Exterminate... YOUR LUNGS!!!
And when they finally dropped the Exterminate bit: The Daleks are the masters of Havana!

Oh Terry Nation, you corporate SKANK!