Genesis to Revelation: For When the Dalek Bible?

They have a story called Genesis of the Daleks. They have one called Revelation of the Daleks... Is it so crazy to think the Doctor Who writers couldn't mine the Bible for more story titles? Like...

Exodus of the Daleks... Seems a natural. Don't get in their way! They ARE a plague of Egypt. Locust, probably.

Numbers of the Daleks...They're into math. I'm not saying it's the most exciting idea for a story.

Judges of the Daleks... It's about time they were taken to trial. Or maybe we finally meet the Dalek Supreme Court that sentenced the Master in the TV Movie.

Kings of the Daleks... It's a two-parter. They all come with their own thrones.

Chronicles of the Daleks... The other two-parter. One of those Doctorless stories, or at least, told from the Daleks' perspective. I'll get the ear plugs.

Job of the Daleks... It's hard, but someone's gotta do it. (What do you mean that's now how you pronounce it?)

Psalms of the Daleks... The origin of those Dalek songs Murray Gold keeps writing, finally revealed!

Proverbs of the Daleks... Hey, math nerds got their own episode. Us word nerds have needs too.

Wisdom of the Daleks... One Dalek rises above the rest, and learns something. So they kill him.

Lamentations of the Daleks... The Doctor wins. Again.

Mark of the Daleks... It's that time they left graffiti all over London.

Acts of the Daleks... Sounds generic, but we ARE talking about Daleks.

If there are others, I haven't the imagination to attempt them. And you can thank me later for the lack of bathroom humor. So get writing, Whoniverse scripters. That Bible's not gonna get itself divinely inspired!


Craig Oxbrow said…
Romans Of The Daleks

Guest appearance by Auton Rory.
Jeff R, said…
Lamentations is a twofer, sort of surprised nobody's gone for that yet.

And whatever you intended, I can't stop wondering about how a Dalek bathroom would work, or indeed if they wouldn't rather just, ah...

(No, not going to actually say it.)
Siskoid said…
They'd probably go in their machines, though I doubt they need to. The machine would feed them raw energy, no intake, no waste.