Launched: The First Doctor Expanded Universe Sourcebook

Almost four months ago, I announced my intention to supplement the awesome 50th Anniversary Doctor Who sourcebooks for Cubicle 7's Doctor Who RPG with similar books for each Doctor covering his extracanonical adventures from novels, audios, comics and more. And today, I am excited to finally release our first volume!
You can download (or just read) it HERE in high or low resolution, and if that somehow gets knocked out from too much bandwidth being used, the working copy is also HERE.

This 104-page pdf document features at least one entry from each First Doctor novel and audio, plus material from short stories, comics, the Dalek movies, and even the televised show itself. People, monsters, places, times, stuff. There's a timeline that puts it all together, and adventure seeds aplenty for the prospective GameMaster. While I did the layouts, coordination, and editing, you'll find most contributions came from my partner in crime, Peter "misterharry" Gilham, the DWAITAS Proboards write-up MASTER. Guy's a MACHINE! And quite good at proofreading too. Without him, this book doesn't exist. But he wasn't alone. Nathan "dastari" Laws came in late, but proved Hartnell was his favorite Doctor by suggesting and contributing entries we weren't even considering at first. He'll be my go-to guy for the second edition, to replace the first in early 2014, after new Doc1 stories have come out (thanks to Big Finish). And my thanks to his lovely wife as well; Beth produced produced a couple of great drawings for her husband's entries. And this list wouldn't be complete without Matthew "ct345" Maisey, whose patience with my pestering emails to get things in on time is much appreciated, and Jay Epps, who I know would have liked to contribute more art than he did, but every line we did get was a awesome.

To everyone who encouraged us, thank you. I think I can safely speak for the entire team when I say we're immensely proud of the finished product, and we're already working on the Second Doctor volume. Anyone who's a fan and wants to contribute write-ups should contact me (through this blog or through the boards), and you don't even have to understand the game. We'll stat stuff out based on your text pieces, no problem.

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Now that we know what we're doing, you can expect the next book to come out a lot sooner! My summer vacation should help too!


Looks fantastic. Can't wait to see more.
Tim Knight said…
Congratulations! I second Tim's comment - it looks great!
jdh417 said…
Well this is a totally cool artifact. Thank you.
Siskoid said…
1 down, only 13 to go!

(10 more Doctors, but 2 books each for the 7th and 8th Doctors, plus a Doctorless book for the spin-offs)
Curufea said…
Nice! Good to have more of your material for my collection :)