Siskoid's Comics Recollected - April 1983

Comics Recollected is a nostalgic project in which I revisit, month by month, my early comic-buying days, inspired by (not to say completely ripped off from) Frank at the Channel of Diabolu. Check out his own journey back in time.

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From Saga of the Swamp Thing #15:
Chewed-up cover of Fury of Firestorm #13:
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I dug deeper into DC Comics Presents #59
Null & Void in World's Finest Comics #293
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And many thanks to Mike's Amazing World of Comics for his comics-by-release-date database, without which this wouldn't have been possible.

I'm probably going to do a couple more in the short term, just so it isn't a one-off, so I hope it'll inspire your own recollections.


Unknown said…
Oh man that comics-by-release-date thing is gonna be useful in reminding me what comics I read growing up (I have this long term memory thing, shut up)
Diabolu Frank said…
1) Honesty in derivation makes all the difference between swipe and homage.

2) I bought DC Comics Presents #59 around 1989 as part of my bid to collect all Ambush Bug appearances. Fun story, but I prefer Irwin go up against more rigid straights. It was a lot better than the Legion of Substitutes special. The Looney Tunes aspect of Ambush Bug was established here, but it was more the nasty side of the spectrum.

3) I never really warmed to the interactivity of Dial "H" for Hero, because it seemed to result in nothing but disposable oddities, and it only got worse when I got into Martian Manhunter and learned the feature permanently bumped him from the cover spot in House of Mystery.

4) Glad I'm not alone in being too young/chicken for Alan Moore Swamp Thing.
Siskoid said…
1) Well, it was a great idea, and since it's all very personal, will yield as many results as their are participants.

2) I admit nostalgia is a major factor. My favorite Ambush Bug era is from those action back-ups through Son of Ambush Bug.

3. The nostalgia that makes me love it is the same nostalgia that makes you hate it. I completely understand. Of course, the Robby Reed stories weren't in any way "interactive". Those disposable heroes were created by the writer, I'm guessing trying not to create anything worthy of more appearances.

4. I'm thinking he freaked out a lot of kids at the time.
Diabolu Frank said…
I started on Ambush Bug with Son of, but in retrospect it was probably the worst mini-series. The Nothing Special was a return to form, though. The funniest and most accessible period was definitely the back-up strip through to the first mini.