Siskoid's Comics Recollected - December 1983

Siskoid's Comics Recollected is a nostalgic video series in which I go back in time to the first months of my buying American comics. And whatever YOU remember, I'm interested in too!

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Firestorm giving his heat to Killer Frost in Fury of Firestorm #21 (no comment).
JLA #224 was all about team work. Also, Black Canary kicking guys in the face.
That mini-volcano has been in the X-Mansion living room ever since.
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Kitty Pryde's wedding in Uncanny X-Men #179 was a big part of my special Wedding Week.
This project would just not be possible without Mike's Amazing World of Comics and its comics-by-release-date database.

What comics did YOU get in December of '83? Or alternately, in your eighth month of reading comics?


SallyP said...

There is really nothing quite like a good kick to the face.

Jeff R. said...

That was the fourth appearenace of Killer Frost; she was the villain of the Firestorm issue of DCCP as well.

December 1979, then. Largely a continuation of last month, really. There was Legion of Super Heroes digest. DCCP #19 had Batgirl as the guest,JLA #176 was the second part of the Dr. Destiny story started last week. Superman #345 was a gimmick cover story.

A highlight was Superman Family #200, another anniversary issue, doing an imaginary story future of Superman and the entire regular cast of this book (other than the Earth-2 Superman, since regular future Superman and Lois get to fill the 'Mr. and Mrs. Superman' slot.) They have a daughter, Laura Kent (has she been in Reign yet?).

Onward. Action #505 was another forgettable one. Adventure #469 continued the Starman and Plastic man run. Legion of SuperHeroes #261 finished off the Space Circus of Death story. And in Superboy #3, theoretically set in the 50s, Superboy faces off against an evil(well, power-drunk, at least) teen KISS-like rock musician. So yeah.

And, once again the list on the site ends with Fantastic Four, #216, with Mantlo taking over writing. I was beginning to lose interest in the book, but there was one interesting subplot that kept me going, which I can't recall whether it started here or in the Wolfman run, about which more next time. The main story appears to have been either about the High Evolutionary or a non-Utau watcher...

Siskoid said...

Sally: It's how I fall in love, every time. Gonna steal her from Ollie.

Jeff: Forgot all about that DC Comics Presents issue, and no Laura hasn't made the Reign yet.

As for Dec '79, looking at the list if I got any of those issues later in life AND have memories to go with them... I have that LSH issue, Unknown Soldier too. Rom of course. And probably once had a lot of those Richie Rich comics. No real memories come to me though. Recently used Fun and Games Magazine #7's cover for a short blog piece, but that was a cover I got on the Internet.

Jeff R. said...

Also, Killer Frost was in the Injustice Society during Firestorm's JLA run. So I guess that story is her fifth appearance.

In Dec 83, I'm surprised you didn't get the Action issue (with the forgotten heroes; looks like it would have been right up your alley then.) The other cover that stands out is the one for Superman Totally Not An Annual, We Aren't Doing Annuals These Days, It's Clearly Just A Special. That Happens to Come Out Once A Year #2. Don't remember the story, though, but that was a nice cover.

Siskoid said...

Where's Shag to put me in my place? Oh wait, unnecessary. Thanks guys.

I don't remember ever seeing the cover on the racks. A frequent problem for my younger self. Sometimes I find an old back issue from those days and think Whhhaaaa? Why don't I remember this? Why don't I already HAVE this? I DO remember the Superman Special's cover for example.


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