Aquaman's Second Title

So it was announced yesterday that Aquaman would be getting a second comic, which I think makes it the first time this has ever happened to the character. I'm a big fan of the character and always hope he will be well-written. I didn't really like Geoff Johns' stories, though I respect the fact he put Aquaman back on the map, so I'm not particularly interested in the Others, the group Johns introduced and who star alongside Aquaman in his new book. I will give it a shot though, seeing as Dan Jurgens is writing it and he can always be counted on for solid superhero work. I'm less familiar with Lan Medina, the artist, but I've Googled him and found some Fathom pics that reveal he's quite good at undersea stuff. Meanwhile, I've also gone back to the principal Aquaman book because I am a fan of Jeff Parker's, and I hope to see him do something fun with the character.

But if I have little interest in Aquaman's superhero team, what second title would have better tickled my fancy? Well, let's see...

Top 10 Second Aquaman Books Siskoid Would Have More Willingly Read
10. Atlantis Chronicles (that Kid Vulko back-up is awesome)
9. Tales of the Yellow Glove (Golden Age Aquaman adventures)
8. Topo's Aquacave of Adventure (the only undersea anthology with 8 stories in every quarterly issue)
7. The Legion of Aqua-Pets, feat. Salty the Sea Dog
6. Justice League Detroit (yeah, I said it)
5. Aquaman '67 (using the Filmation look and continuity)
4. Aquaman Family Adventures (by Baltazar and Franco)
3. Aquaman and Mera (DC's REAL power couple)
2. Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas (no brainer)
and 1. Aquaman: Vumvumvum !

What about you? Excited? Lukewarm? Would have had a better idea if you had an editorial job at DC?


Zundian said...

At first I thought they had brought back Grace from NEW TITANS and I was upset because why her, of all characters?

Then I got a better look at the cover and realized the two female characters are likely savage jungle women and my feminist side got annoyed by the marginalization of women in yet another DC book.

Also, serious "The Others?" could the team name be anymore bland?

Siskoid said...

The problem I have with the Others is that they just seem so disparate. Why are these guys (and Aquaman especially) working together? Their function in the book was to be Aquaman's former friends being hunted by Black Manta.

The brief on the new series is that they're being hunted by someone else. The Others? Should be called The Prey.

Jeff R. said...

It's Aquaman and the Substitute Outsiders, isn't it?

My choice would be Aquaman/Zatanna.

Siskoid said...

Okay, but only if the book is called Fishnets.

Doc Savage said...

Justice League Detroit is a classic compared to Nu-DC!

Randal said...

Aquaman's Dance Party, of course, and I'm rather surprised you didn't mention it.

Siskoid said...

I just don't like comics based on video games (ex.: Injustice).

jdh417 said...

Is the impetus for this title that DC is trying to fill out their 52 title quota, and they've run out of original ideas (or even resurfaced old ones) and are exploiting whatever they have left that is even slightly popular?

Aquaman time-travels into the future and joins the crew of an advanced scientific submarine, aqua-quest DSV.

Siskoid said...

To be fair, they've been talking about a book starring the Others since those characters first appeared.

I thought it might be set before JL #1, seeing as they were together before the New52's 5-year time frame, but doesn't look like it.

Unknown said...

I'm a huge fan of Johns' Aquaman, it's the only thing he's written in a great while that I've found at all palatable, and I love the cast of characters presented by the Others (even if two of the original members are dead now).

They'r called "The Others" because they were sort of like the Defenders, a "team that isn't" -- they didn't even have a name for themselves in-universe, as I recall.

Michael Hoskin said...

"Arthur and the Invisibles" was taken.

I love this tradition of creating new spin-off titles when Geoff Johns leaves a popular book! It worked out great for the JSA!

Doc Savage said...

"Geoff Johns" sounds like a made-up name. Is he behind all the frightening, scowling Nu-ness I see on the rare visit to a comic book store?

Stan Lee's still active, why doesn't somebody bring him in to class things up?

Anonymous said...

Aquaman: Brave and the Bold. The Batman: brave & the Bold version in bombastic, boisterous, undersea action. Truly, he is the best version of the character from any medium.

("Fishnets"- Ha!)

- Mike Loughlin

Doc Savage said...

Except for the versions by Nick Cardy and Ramona Fradon and the awesome Super Friends version. And even the Detroit version.

American Hawkman said...

Personally, I loved the Others... enough to incorporate them into the Global Guardians in my home DC Adventures campaign. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I were still able to buy new comics for the next few years.


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