Who I Am at Work

This is the fictional character I most resemble at work:
And this is the one I wish I actually were:
Clearly, I'm a communications director/senior adviser in a political entity, but feel free to meme this thing up with YOUR OWN job. Let us know in the comments (or through a link to your own space) what fictional character you are at work, and which you wish you were.

I'm really curious to see what others will do with this.


Zundian said…
Who I am at work: Reg Barclay
Who I wish I was: Quark
April Ludgate, Stringer Bell.
Siskoid said…
Oh lord, Jay... Ha ha.
Gordon D said…
Who I am at work: Benton
Who I wish I was: Lethbridge-Stewart
d said…
Dolorous Edd, Jon Snow
Siskoid said…
I feel like I failed at this because I'm not as self-deprecating as you've all been.