Long Launch the Legion of Super-Bloggers

So I know some of you must be disappointed that my daily focus ISN'T the Legion of Super-Heroes, which was one of the options I was considering. Well cry no more, friends! I may not be writing daily Legion content, but I AM part of a consortium of bloggers that is!

Here's what happened. While I was thinking about my own Legion project, the Who's Who podcast (part of the Fire & Water family of podcasts which my own Hero Points co-production is a member of) independently and rather innocently called on someone - ANYONE - to create a Legion blog because to Shagg and Rob's recollection, there hadn't been an active one in a while. Diehard listeners, bloggers in their own right, jumped on the idea, met up on Facebook and other platforms, and founded the Legion of Super-Bloggers. Over the past couple months, we've been adding introductory content, explaining the various topics and series the blog will cover. Officially, our launch is today, and from this day forward, you can expect daily content by a host of writers.

People like Little Russell Burbage, Kyle Benning the Metropolis Kid, Tim "Kord Industries" Wallace, David Weter, Firestorm Fan's Irredeemable Shag, David Sopko, Supergirl expert Anj, and me. Content will include reviews of every issue of every Legion-related story, cool art, the phenomenon known as Legionnaire hotness, toys, and why we each love the Legion. Some series will be explored on a weekly basis, others more infrequently. For my part, because of my normal blog-load, I'll be an irregular contributor, working mostly on post-Baxter series content for the weekly Who's Who articles featuring each Legionnaire, orchestrating some kind of round robin Silver Age reviews (monthly?), and contributing essays on Legion-specific tropes like the Constitution, elections, Interlac and others.

If you're a Legion fan, I hope you'll add the LSB to your regular reading. If you're a HUGE Legion fan, you might even think of joining (after the obligatory try-out, of course). If you don't get it, then the LSB is the perfect entry point to get acclimated with the 30th/31st centuries' greatest heroes. Check us out!


Matthew E said…
there hadn't been an active one in a while

Obviously it's nobody's fault but mine if nobody's heard of it, and I know it hasn't been the most lively place recently, but I have an active Legion blog myself. It's here. Our blogging styles and mandates are different enough that we won't be stepping on each others' toes, I think, but regardless, there's plenty of Legion to go around and welcome to the neighbourhood.
Siskoid said…
Yeah, I knew Shagg was probably wrong when he said it and has since recanted. I agree, it's a subject bigger than any one of us, and I'll make sure Legion Abstract is featured in our blog roll!
Martin Gray said…
I concur, Legion Abstract does good work. And now the LSB can, too!
jdh417 said…
New favorite webpage! Sorry, Siskoid.

Actually, I've really been enjoying the B5 rewind, so there's been no disappointment.

The Legion Abstract is pretty cool too.
Siskoid said…
Well, I'm one of the Legionnaires, so obviously, I'm happy for your patronage either way ;)