Lonely Hearts Episode 2 - Superman's Girlfriend: Lois or Diana?

We made it to a second episode! Bass, Furn, Marty I won't just be covering classic romance comics, but more contemporary romances as well. In that spirit, we tackle - though not without some digressions - the Superman/Lois Lane/Wonder Woman relationship controversy. On what side do you fall? STRONG LANGUAGE - LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED! ALSO, AWKWARD DATING!!!
And don't worry, if you're a fan of classic romance comics, Romance Comics Theater returns with 1972's "Mini Must Go!" from Charlton's Love and Romance #6!

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Count Drunkula said…
You're releasing new Lonely Hearts episodes on the same day I release a three hour episode of Secret Origins? What are you trying to do, swipe my audience?!!

Great episode once again. I agree with the group's collective take on the Superman/Wonder Woman "romance": What do the characters get from that particular coupling (other than, presumably, sex)? I have never heard or seen any evidence that DC has an answer for that. Nothing about dating Superman makes Wonder Woman a better character. Nothing about dating Wonder Woman makes Superman a better character. There is not a single thing interesting or compelling about this "romance" so why has DC been pushing for this in every out-of-continuity tale (Kingdom Come, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Injustice: Gods Among Us) and now the main DC universe?

Also, LOVED the latest audio drama of the mini-skirt story! That's so fun to listen to!
Siskoid said…
Well, what were YOU going to listen to while we enjoyed Secret Origins?

I think (and maybe Marty mentions it) that there are no bad ideas, only bad execution. I think there's probably a way to make it work, even in continuity, but it would have to address the very question you ask. And it would have to the focus of the story arc and thus temporary. For now, it's just been going on and on like an extended team-up and has not (to me knowledge) contributed very much to either character. Editorial mandate, not something that's organic to either of them. (Like for example, I might have Clark interview Diana Prince at a military base and take a shine to her, and because she's magic, his super-senses don't alert him to her real identity. I'd play it as a kind of secret identity farce where they're both lying to each other, but are essentially in each other's blind spot. When they invariably realize their mistake, the relationship falls apart - ironic trust issues. Of course, I also need to know why Steve and Lois aren't in the picture at that point.)

(Oh, and don't worry about your audience. Yours is built-in. Mine is anything but! We realize we're working a micro-niche!)
Jeff R. said…
So, here's the thing: the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship idea can work, but it can only work in the context of a world where Lois Lane is dead and buried, probably along with the 'Clark Kent' identity. A world where 'Superman' is his primary identity. Obviously, Lois is the only option when 'Clark Kent' is primary. (When 'Kal-El' is the primary identity, things are a bit of a mess and he goes around wishing Kara wasn't a close blood relative and for some reason completely ignoring the hundreds of eligible Kandorian women and instead spending his vacations there playing Batman.)

From Diana's side, it doesn't really necessarily work, but it seems like the least bad option. Steve Trevor's always been a non-starter, even when you're doing Nemesis as a slightly more interesting version of Trevor or nu52 Trevor as a sort of Nemesis-y version of himself. Aquaman sort of works, in contexts where Mera is dead or long-term evil/crazy, but, well, the biggest problem with Wonder Woman is that her world is insufficiently integrated with the rest of the DCU and adding in another insular, non-interactive corner of the universe doesn't really help. The best options tend to be in other universes: Steve Rogers would really work, I think. So might a non-evil version of Mr. Teriffic II. But Trevor won't work, no-time-for-love Wonder Woman doesn't work, and anyone from the Greek Myth side would be a horrible idea.