Final Snapshot: World of a 1,000 Olsens

Source: Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #105 (1967)
Type: Robots
In 2016, my Saturday slot will be taken over by something other than 2015's admittedly small sample of Jimmy Olsen variants. After 52 "issues", it feels like we barely scratched the surface. I do reserve the right to continue the numbering from time to time, down the line, but the plan was always to do it for a year, then make a switch. A hint will be given at the end of this article.

But for now, how about one last hurrah for Jimmy Olsen, with a tribute story that reminds us of his many transformations through the years (at least those prior to 1967). It's called "The World of 1,000 Olsens!", and it goes something like this. Jimmy has been called to an observatory that claims it's discovered a new asteroid. Big deal, thinks Jimmy, until the astronomer who's dubbed it the "Olsen Asteroid" gets disintegrated by a beam from the sky. Jimmy finds close-up pictures of what is more of a planetoid, and the place is populated by his doubles!
He calls Superman, but it's no use. The Man of Steel is brokering peace on another planet. But Jimmy is immediately picked up by a UFO that brings him to Olsen Asteroid. He's not very popular there.
I guess self-loathing is one of his traits. He's rescued by a facsimile of the Flying Newsroom, manned by Olsen rebels.
They are a little creepy. But no less than this world, which worships Superman and Jimmy Olsen  both, whether in classic green suit or new-fangled purple.
As the helicopter reaches its destination, it's grabbed out of the sky by the first "Transformations" guest-star: Turtle Boy!
Jimmy is then saved by the next most popular alt-Olsen, the Legion's own Elastic Lad!
They're not all perfect copies, of course. Different ages and even genders are on show:
Lady Cop Jenny Olsen brings Jimmy to court where he is tried by a jury of his exact peers and thrown in jail. The other prisoners are likewise well-known Olsen freaks.
That's the Human Octopus (weird, because it was just a dream), the Human Porcupine, and the Wolf-Man. While he's there, the prison is inspected by Senator Olsen, who has a luscious beard.
He looks just like Jimmy did when "a chemical once made [him] grow a beard". I know your pain, Jimbo. I can't grow a proper beard either, not without the help of chemicals. So Jimmy steals some hair from the Wolf-Man's barber shop and glues it on his face, escaping as the "Senator". The alarm is quickly sounded though and Jimmy is cornered by Olsen Cops. Agent Double-5 to the rescue!
Looks like even after 52 separate Jimmies, I still managed to miss some important ones. Agent Double-5 brings Jimmy to his apartment, which is just like his pad on Earth, right down to the famous disguise trunk. So Jimmy decides to play the part of Fat Olsen thanks to an inflatable suit.
Luckily, Fat Olsen is one of the real villain's lieutenants, along with the freaks from the prison. That villain is Tempus, the "mad clockmaker" who tried to destroy Earth out of insane hatred for Superman (back in Jimmy Olsen #98). His newest scheme is a thing of Silver Age beauty and involves populating an asteroid with Jimmy Olsen robots.
This ginger society is mostly focused on building interior clockwork that will move the asteroid out of its orbit and have it smash into Earth, though it has its rebels because Tempus believes that clocks must be balanced - good and evil, normal Jimmies and freaky Jimmies, etc. Fat Jimmy rumbles Fake Fat Jimmy and a battle ensues between all Jimmies everywhere as the asteroid bears down on Earth. Cue Jimmy's plan to have Turtle Boy fall into the clockwork and stop, well, everything.
Oh Tempus, maybe your scheme was too complicated. Have you thought of that? Superman FINALLY shows up and decides to preserve the army of Olsens as a monument to Tempus' foolishness.
Instead of, you know, dismantling the Jimmies so they can never be a threat again. So creepy. And with that, we close Jimmy's photo album for the time being. I hope you liked the ride and will buy a ticket to the next.

Which is what exactly? Here's the hint I promised:
See you next Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jimmy Olsen thrill ride!

In that preview I see the colors green, white, and black ... so the Green Lantern Corps?

Brian said...

Nah, see the balls sitting in the grass in the background? It'll be a year of Famous Balls & Globes of Comics & Sci-Fi (Siskoid was inspired while making Death Star jokes of late)...

Siskoid said...

Oh man, you guys are SO close!

Andrew said...

A series featuring Tintin's faithful canine companion Snowy? Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Ear mites! Siskoid Presents ... a Cavalcade of Ear Mites!

Anonymous said...

"Nah, see the balls sitting in the grass in the background?"

That poor dog is taking it well.

Siskoid said...

Andrew: Mouseover the pic for your answer!

Last Anon: Hilarious.

wordsmith said...

I really enjoyed your prior focuses (foci?) on Superman and Jimmy Olsen, and am looking forward to your "Kryptic" cynosure--it should prove entertaining and informative.


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