1991's Ten Best Covers

We're doing the whole decade! These are my choices for 1991's best comic book covers, still trying to do better than Ranker's Top 99 of the Liefeld Decade. As we start heading deeper into the 90s, I found the exercise (again, thanks to Mike's Amazing World of Comics - link will take you to the start publication month, not the cover dated one) much harder. Already, some good covers are getting captioned to death (a 90s trope) and while I was ready to put a lot of stuff on my short list, very few covers actually screamed out "me! me!". So your mileage may definitely vary, but I do like a fun "sculpture" cover.
Justice League America #56 by Chris Sprouse and Bruce D. Anderson (especially in retrospect)
Twilight #1 by José Luis Garcia-Lopez
Batman: Holy Terror GN by Norm Breyfogle
Wonder Woman #52 by George Perez
Doom Patrol #49 by Tom Taggart
Punisher War Journal #36 by Don Daley and Eliot R. Brown
Superman #54 by Jerry Ordway
Challengers of the Unknown #3 by Kyle Baker
Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #1 by Mike Mignola
Marvel Fanfare #59 by Joe Chiodo

But perhaps you have different ideas?


snell said…
My only problem with the Doom Patrol cover, and over "Vertigo" covers of the era, is that they work better as pieces of art than comic books covers. Throughout the era, it seems to be, they became increasingly abstract, and decreasingly related to the actual story on the inside that they're supposed to be promoting. YMMV, but I find myself getting annoyed when I look at a cover, and have no idea whether I've even read the story or not...
Siskoid said…
I think that's fair. The equivalent today is the "yet another pin-up I can sell at conventions" method, which I hate.

And you'll find few Vertigo covers in this series, when all's said and done. Haven't been able to fit in one from Sandman yet, for example. Like you say, taken by themselves, they're unremarkable, though I do like them as a look/theme for longer arcs, etc.
Tony Laplume said…
The whole Loeb/Sale Challengers was ridiculously amazing. I'm still shocked it hasn't been rediscovered.