DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast, Episode 3!

It's become an Annual and we don't try to hide it anymore, Shagg and I. Third episode of Hero Points, the DC Heroes RPG Podcast. We've done core rules and a sourcebook, now we tackle adventure modules, specifically two that act as good introductory adventure scenarios for new players and/or GameMasters - Project: Prometheus and The Doomsday Program. Plus, contributions from gamers who shared these adventures with us like Shagg's old GM and a couple of my players (including Lonely Heart Furn). And of course, Listener Feedback that's more than a year old ;).

Let's roll!
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Important websites
The Fire and Water Tumblr for images from these adventures.
Shagg can always be found at Firestorm Fan where he pays tribute to Firestorm every day.
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