Krypto #5: Save Yer Own Damn Species

From: "A Job for Super-Dog" Superboy #56 (April 1957)

They're still wasting page count on Kyrpto returning to Earth, but he finally becomes the super-dog we're used to, cape and all with this story. And by "and all", I mean human-like intelligence. Krypto's concerns in this issue are those of a person, or at least a cartoon dog's, not an actual dog. Not saying his bone-burying days are over, but his motivation is more complex than that. What his master does for humanity, he wants to do for caninity.
That is some crazy international news. Well, Krypto doesn't follow Superboy to the South Pacific and instead saves Beethoven.
When he returns, he and Kal-El play 20 questions Christopher Pike-style until the dog's agenda is revealed.
Superboy is beside himself that his super-pooch is already weened off his master's teat and will now devote himself to saving dogs the world over. As many things did back in those days, it makes Superboy cry. But if that's what Krypto wants... Superboy brings him a cape and a mask and let's him go at it, but with a warning: If he makes mistakes, he'll lose his privileges. Because if there's one thing they share in common aside from Kryptonian super-powers, it's arrogance. But fair warning, the story might skew "human". Krypto's first test soon comes in the form of a time-bomb left in someone's yard by a "crank". Weird crime, man, but it puts a seeing eye dog in danger, so...
Looks like ordinary Earth dogs have some cartoon intelligence as well. At least enough to spoof Superman comics. And did you catch Krypto's mistake? Clue: In the next panel, Superboy is helping a plane in trouble... Krypto next finds he has to help a movie dog caught in a stunt gone wrong.
Heck if Krypto is gonna let a shot be ruined, not when Lassie's reputation is at stake (ok, King's reputation, but clearly). More cartoon dog action when it personally gives him a fan club photo, and then Superboy is sort of too busy with the streets of Smallville flooding to connect with his former pet.
The last case is the most complicated. Those dreaded Smallville dognappers again. They want to ransom a rich man's pup. Well, Krypto just so happens to have a mask that would make him a dead ringer for that dog as part of his "secret identity" kit. And these thugs know their dogs' faces!
Krypto ends up grabbing their car and taking it to the police station. Meanwhile, Superboy is putting out a telephone post fire (only YOU can prevent them). We've gotten to the last page, so it's time for Superboy to burst Krypto's bubble.
He made a mess of things, proving that dogs are inferior to people, but his master still loves him, and now they'll never be apart! Does that mean what I think it means, or will we get another arrival from space scene in the next story? Stay tuned!



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