Batman V Superman: Fire & Water Network All-Star Special

I went to see Batman v Superman and all I got was this lousy moderating job on the Fire & Water All-Star Special! Ok, I got to give my own opinion too while wrangling the Irredeemable Shagg, Super-Mates Chris and Cindy Franklin, Secret Originator Ryan Daly, and AquaRob Kelly, on this, our first all-Network special. It's like a JSA meeting, but Wonder Woman got a better role than taking the minutes.

It's a podcast. The minutes take themselves.

Check out our round table review of BvS - and no, we don't all hate on it - at the Fire and Water Podcast Network site!

DISCLAIMER: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has become the most polarizing thing in popular culture outside of a political stump speech. Some of us at the Fire and Water Podcast Network hated the film, some enjoyed it, and some had mixed feelings; but we all got together to review the film as our first ever Network All-Star Special. 

We hope you listen to and enjoy our review episode, even if you disagree with our opinions. Even if you *strongly* disagree with our opinions. Even if our opinions on Batman V Superman make your blood boil and your teeth ache. Like we said, polarizing. If your feelings about the movie are so strong that you'll hear no dissenting opinions, maybe you shouldn't listen to this episode. There are plenty of other quality podcasts on the Fire and Water Podcast Network (and also Hero Points). 

If you do listen to the show, we would love to read your feedback on the episode and on the movie in general, but please keep your comments respectful. Seriously, don't be a bigger dick than Ryan is during this episode. Thank you!


jdh417 said...

I wish they'd made something that everyone could have enjoyed, like the Supergirl/Flash team up this week, rather than something that generates "buzz" and controversy.

I got called "mean-spirited" and "bitter" for my review, which is entirely correct.

Anonymous said...

The film was excellent but very complex when compared to standard 'popcorn fare;.

Siskoid said...

One look at my Sunday reviews will show I like complex films and see far more of those than I do popcorn flicks. I think the complexity got away from the director, and the writing wasn't so much complex as it was complicated, which isn't the same thing. It failed by its own standards, not by any other film's.

If you set out to make a "popcorn entertainment", then you'll be judged by that standard. If you set out to make a complex cerebral film, then I'm judging you based on that ambition. BvS was not a popcorn movie, you're right, but I didn't think it worked as a cerebral artistic film either. I liked several things about it, but it didn't work as a coherent piece. Pacing, plot, editing, character motivations, awkward studio demands to make it set up other films, all of these sank the film in my opinion.


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