New Year's Resolution: Play Games

As usual, I'm making a resolution that just seems to play into my vices. Like that time I resolved to watch a list of 50 movies during the year. Maybe I don't get how resolutions work. But I don't smoke, eat sweets, overdrink, gamble... So the usual "wellness" resolutions are out of reach. What I CAN do is make sure this blog is well fueled with geekery. So!

My 2017 resolution is to play more games. Specifically, those board games I own and have never played. Happens to everyone who has traditional table top gaming among their interests. You either buy or are given games that then collect dust on your shelf, either because they don't interest anyone else (most can't be played alone), take too long on any give night, or require too few players (seems like I always have a full house on game night).

At time of writing, I have these games in the house that have yet to be played:
*The Con Game
*Dead of Night
*eBay: The Card Game (who the heck left this here??)
*Flick 'em Up
*Illuminati: New World Order
*Inherit the Earth
*Lord of the Rings (co-op)
*The Magic of Xanth
*Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu
*The Resistance
*Samurai Spirit
*Seals of Satan

In addition, I've never play-tested my homemade Waking Life card game, and my housemates have games we just haven't touched, like Love Letter, Last Night on Earth, and Codenames: Pictures. And then there are games I'd love to play if only I can justify getting more games. But those eleven already represent almost one a month. The hard part is of course getting others in to play these games when they've maybe shown no interest in them before (or perhaps I didn't suggest we play, I'm shy like that). Well, it always helps when it feels like a project, personal or communal.

So to make this work, I'm going to do a semi-weekly board game feature on the blog. Obviously, I'm not going to play a new game every week, so I'll cover the old favorites as well. In any case, I RESOLVE to not only put my games to good use, but to share the results with you. By the end of 2017, I must have played all the game currently in the house at least enough to write about them. And more besides. Wish me luck (it's a component of many games).

Now if I were thinking of doing this with all the role-playing games I own, I wouldn't be asking for luck. I'd be asking you to talk me down a ledge...


Anonymous said...

I've been (re)reading Ken Hite's Suppressed Transmissions collections, and he mentions the Illuminati/NWO game in several of them. Waaaayyy back in the late 80s, a friend of mine had that Illuminati game; I remember reading through some of the cards and it looked pretty cool, but I don't think we ever got around to playing it (for two of the reasons you mentioned: not enough people, and others not interested in that game).

Posts on all the RPGs you have? From what I've seen in your archives, you'd need a separate website for all those!

Mike W.

Michael May said...

Great resolution! I don't have as many unplayed games as you, but we do have a lot that haven't been played in years, so I'm going to join you and work on playing everything at least once this year.

Including a new one that's coming as a late Christmas present based (if I remember right) on a recommendation from you: Ghost Stories.

Siskoid said...

Mike W: I got a fair number of NWO packs in my CCG period, but for this group, I want to play the Complete Illuminati, which has a copy of every card from the game AND rules on how to play them as a non-deck building game.

Yes, I think I could do a post a day on a role-playingt product on my shelf and manage at least a year of material. But the research, oy!

Mike M: Ghost Stories is awesome, and though I don't own it (should remedy that, perhaps one of the expansions/sequels instead so we don't duplicate within the one group of friends), I plan on reviewing it in this context.

Jonathan Linneman said...

Great resolution! I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed at the number of geek items I've accumulated (especially comics and games) that I've never...or or played. And you're right about the circumstances just not lining up for games sometimes. My "comeback game of the year" for 2016 is Bohnanza, which sat unused in my small collection for about 15 years after I got a few initial games out of it. I grabbed it on a whim when my niece stayed with us for a while, and now it's become a family favorite...


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