Krypto #70: S.C.P.A. The Legend Continues

From: Superboy #132 (September 1966), plus Superman #189 (August 1966)

Last week, I promised more Space Canine Patrol Agent action and I make good on my promises. We're just ONE ISSUE later, no waiting, and Superboy throws a stick into space for his dog to retrieve, when Krypto sees the SCPA signal. Get ready for some world-building, folks!
So it looks like we have to revise how we read the previous story, but because the Agents actually do have uniforms. In other words, they were stripped naked by the Canine Caper Gang. Inhuman! Well, you know what I mean! Also note the big doghouse that - fair warning - is bigger on the inside, just like the Legion's Clubhouse in this era. Come to think of it, the SCPA is just a canine Legion.
Name plates and all sorts of tricks to prevent super-powered dogs from joining? That's totally Legion! Unlike the utopian LSH, however, the SCPA needs to organize pledge drives so it has enough cash to operate. A rodeo that uses their different powers, for example:
But the Cat Crime Club wants to steal the money, and Krypto might be a spoiler. So they feed him Red Kryptonite ketchup (Americans don't get to enjoy a catsup pun). I'm not kidding. But as you may know, dogs will eat anything, up to and including their own poo.
What weird effect will it have? How about making Krypto intangible for an hour?
So the cats leave with the loot and Krypto is put on probation. One more stupid mistake - like trusting a cat - and he'll be suspended! Famous super-dog or not! No mention is made of trying to get the money back or arrest the cats, because it's time for another fundraising event, this time, a circusy parade.
Super Pet Tricks just make the unpowered humanoid dog population throw golden bones out the window, y'know? And the cats throw some in too. What? Yes, but one of the bones is made of Green Kryptonite, and when Krypto is asked to ferry the large bag back to base, he loses it all again.
This time, he IS suspended from the SCPA, but when he gives up his telepathic collar, he notices one of the rats infesting the doghouse is bugged! (It's the wind-up toy, but I keep seeing mice in the background.) So he ropes Chameleon Collie into helping him retrieve the goods AND arrest the cats (finally, someone with a plan), luring the malefactors to a planet with two red suns where 1) a treasure trove of bones can be found and 2) he is powerless. Sorry cats, it's all FAKE!
For the second time in a row, Krypto uses that weird trick where X-ray vision makes something translucent to everyone (and again it's Chameleon Collie), but what of the red suns?
Ah yes, of course, those glass disks magically created on that volcanic asteroid. It makes perfect sense until you realize the cats must have entered the system from a vantage point where the suns were yellow! Stupid cats. Hey, is the SCPA about to become as popular as the Legion?

Meanwhile, in Superman #189... Superman visits a version of Krypton where he never existed, so Krypto wants to take a bite out of him.
Good doggie. (It's also the one where Superman falls in love with Kryptonian movie star Lyla Lerrol, if you're looking for more details.)


Anonymous said...

Jesus God. And I used to worry about what lead emissions were doing to our children.

Jonathan Linneman said...

I have to wonder if Krypto actually likes the upright-stance thing, or if he was only doing it to fit in.

Siskoid said...

Anon: When the real threat was space cats all along.

Linneman: I guess it only takes a fraction of his flight power to make it easy and natural.

Unknown said...

Tail Terrier can't spell, which was actually pointed out in an LOC of the time. It should be "SCPA".

Siskoid said...

Oh man, I was too busy trying not to make that mistake that I completely missed the artist did!


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