Dial H for Haste to Grow Up

We now move our all-seeing eye to the late 30th Century, to what has since been dubbed Earth-247, the Legion Reboot, where a young girl from th 20th called Lori Morning, once associated with Chronos, and perhaps on her way to become the new Time Trapper [GASPING BREATH, sorry about my trademark run-on sentences], is desperate to join the Legion in some capacity, and gets her best chance in Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #91, when she gets her hands on Robby Reed's Dial, in the 25th-Century Space Museum. We're going to look at HER transformations for a couple of weeks.

Case 65: Legionnaires #51-55
Dial Holder: Lori Morning
Dial Type: The Big Dial
Dialing: By the 25h Century, Robby's old Dial is an exhibit in the Space Museum; as the story goes, it "saved the universe" and is famous. Lori's transformations manifest with a bright light. She seems to decide her identity's name rather than have it be part of the equation. She is able to change from one identity to another without reverting to her own or waiting an hour (as normal, the Big Dial never had a time limit). She seems to believe she could become past identities again, but this theory is untested. While in superhero form, the Dial is apparently hidden in a pocket dimension until called by thinking about it. The Composite Man, a Durlan who can mimic powers as well as appearances, is unable to steal a dialed identity's powers, for some reason.
Name: Junior Wonder (actually nameless, and some fan have called her Star-Spangled Lass based on how Chuck Taine describes her, but I need to explain the "JW" on her belt, and I feel there are enough Wonder Woman elements to warrant a connection there, while the Junior puts her in the right age bracket for the Legion; Justice Warrior might also be a good name today)
Costume: A purple top and gloves, with a white cape and skirt is meant to evoke Glorith of the previous Legion continuity, but the general cut, the ornate JW belt and boots (which also include a "W" motif) have something Grecian about them. She has many little stars in her red hair, which I'm explaining as a take on Wonder Woman's tiara star.
Powers: Unknown. If we go with the 30th Century Amazon idea, she would have enhanced physical attributes and fighting ability.
Sighted: In the halls of Legion HQ, running from Chuck Taine.
Possibilities: In Legion continuity, she could be a descendant of Wonder Woman, or perhaps the Amazon Artemis who took on that role for a while. Of course, there's no reason we need to make these identities stay in the 30th Century, so she could be a child or grandchild rather than a far-flung descendant.
Integration Quotient: 45% (good foundation, we just don't know enough about her)
Name: Fireball (isn't that an Archie hero?)
Costume: A shiny red top with a plunging neck line and flared shoulders, resolving into a skimpy bottom. High boots have sheets of flared gold metal, with similar bracers on the wrists and highlights on the costume's bottom piece. Fireball is a golden-skinned alien with elfin ears, pupil-less blue eyes, long red hair, and red alien lettering tattooed on her limbs and neck.
Powers: Flight and a hot, melting touch. She is accompanied by small balls of plasma she mentally controls and that are just as hot as she is. An interesting variant on heat powers.
Sighted: In 30th-Century Metropolis, helping junk recyclers melt scrap metal, then getting her ass handed to her by Sklarian raiders.
Possibilities: A replacement for Sun Boy in the Reboot continuity, but probably too close to Inferno, even if that character has been sent to the 20th Century. Probably sent to the Academy.
Integration Quotient: 50% (there's room for her, but the Legion can't be a place for that many Sun Boy wannabes)
Name: Slipstream (a fine name for a speedster)
Costume: Horrendous. An orange plastron with flared shoulders, over a black leotard that includes a cowl from which a green ponytail sticks out. The skirt, gloves, boots, and wide domino mask are turquoise. The tights are purplish gray. And there are contrasting ovals on almost very piece of the costume, which are possibly precious stones. (Oddly, this will be the identity used on a Legion pin-up in LSH #100.)
Powers: Slipstream uses a wind tunnel to run very quickly or fly, an interesting way to manifest speed powers. The way the stones sometimes sparkle, they may be the source of her powers.
Sighted: In 30th-Century Metropolis, capturing Sklarian raiders.
Possibilities: Would-be heroine finds mystical stones that control the wind. By sewing them into her clothes, she's able to create wind currents that allow her to travel at great speeds. Fights crime. Over time, finds different ways of using the stones to create effects. But that costume... Yeech! I'd be forced to dump her in a Z-team like Young Heroes in Love.
Integration Quotient: 35% (like the power applications, but needs a makeover to advance further)
Name: Dyna-Soar (ouch!)
Costume: A simple, almost medieval, white tunic with a red flying dragon on the front, and a blue belt with a gold buckle keeping it in place. Blue metal bracers are at the extremities. Dyna is a dark blue alien with a long thin head, composite eyes, a webbed fin that turns into a pseudo-tail, an actual tail that ends in a nasty barb, long thin limbs resolving in three-clawed hands and feet, and gray bat-like wings springing out of her arms.
Powers: Winged flight. Presumably, her tails and claws would be useful in combat.
Sighted: In 30th-Century Metropolis, flying to the scene of the Legion's battle with the Composite Man.
Possibilities: Tries out for the Legion, doesn't make it in on account of everyone having a flight ring, turns evil. That's how these things work.
Integration Quotient: 40% (her look would carry her through repeat appearances)
Name: Chiller (not to be confused with the Booster Gold villain)
Costume: Kind of a take on the JLI's Ice, a sky blue outfit, with white gloves and "icy fur" on shoulders and the top of gloves and blue boots. Her bare legs and face look like white ice, and her hair is frosted over. Her pupil-less eyes are blue and her breath is foggy.
Powers: Not surprisingly, she has the ability to generate cold and ice.
Sighted: In 30th-Century Metropolis, fighting the Composite Man with the Legion.
Possibilities: The 30th Century has Polar Boy (though a story where he gets shown up by a better ice-generator could be interesting), while the 20th has Ice and Killer Frost. Still, if we're playing the game of heroic legacies, she could be from the same hidden land as Ice and serve as the Legion's equivalent, or at least an ally.
Integration Quotient: 25% (feels a little redundant)

Next: Lori's not done dialing.


Kurt "Welcome to Geektown" Onstad said...

Did you plan this such that this was to come out just after Lori's first Dial-hero appearance in the Legion of Super-Bloggers review you and Shotgun are doing, or is this just an incredible coincidence? If it's the former, Dayyyummm...

Siskoid said...


Anonymous said...

Chuck really needs to stay out of Captain Picard's closet.


Green Luthor said...

Marvel actually has a real character named Dinah Soar. (Well, she was introduced as a member of the Great Lakes Avengers, so your level of "real" may vary.) Pretty much the same deal as Dyna-Soar, really.

Also, Chiller's design reminds me of Steve Lightle's Lightning Lass costume. Probably a coincidence (if anything, her design was probably based on Ice's Global Guardians design).

American Hawkman said...

I like Slipstream's costume, actually.


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