Dial H for H-U-S-K

After DC vs. Marvel (or during, I should say), the Big Two were combined into the Amalgam Universe for a month (and it happened again a year later), a world filled with characters and concepts that merged characters and concepts from each comics universe into one. I loved this. Dial H for Hero was thus amalgamated with Generation X's Husk, a mutant who would "shed her skin" and gain new powers with each transformation. A natural combo.

So in this reality, Paige Guthrie finds a mysterious Dial in a cave in the Appalachians, found a way to dial H-U-S-K on it, and presto changeo, it focused her latent mutant powers. Now she hangs with the X-Patrol...

Case 67: X-Patrol #1 and Exciting X-Patrol #1
Dial Holder: Paige Guthrie AKA H.U.S.K.
Dial Type: The Big Dial (Amalgam Universe)
Dialing: The Dial has a slightly different appearance in this universe - it is sleeker and seems to have a triangular pattern (like a ray beam?) on the top instead of a red circle. There are no discernible finger holes or letters on it. When Paige dials H-U-S-K (which begs the question why anyone would spell out this particular word), it focuses her latent mutant ability and release her super-powered "inner selves". When turning into a new character, skin explodes off her like energy. She instinctively knows the name and powers of each persona, but doesn't know whether it's an aspect of herself or a mask under which the real Paige hides. Each persona has its own distinct personality. She can dial straight from one identity to another without reverting to her true self. She wears the Dial as a belt buckle for easy access. Unusually, her very first identity looks just like Paige (albeit in costume).
Name: Wonder-Girl (combines Wonder Girl with Wonder Man, but comes out sounding just like the former)
Costume: A starfield sleeveless leotard (pinched from Troia), with a stripy belt, a big "W across the chest, and goggles (taken from Marvel's Wonder Man). Presumably, those accessories are red, as per both amalgamated characters' color schemes. It's possible she has jets attached to her belt, though her right side is missing the pod.
Powers: Unknown. Presumably, great strength and invulnerability. Possibly jet-assisted flight.
Sighted: Coming out of an Appalachian cave.
Possibilities: Obviously, Amazon scientists created her out of pure ion energy so she could infiltrate the X-Patrol (sorry, that's where the Titans got Amalgamated, not very satisfying). She died, but was resurrected soon enough to become part of the team. As Donna Williams, she has a satisfying career as a movie stills photographer in Hollywood.
Integration Quotient: 90% (looks good, and the Titans really did get the shaft in Amalgam, so a Wonder Girl, hyphenated or not, is a no-brainer)
Name: Polaris, Mistress of Magnetism (combines the X-Men's Polaris and DC's Dr. Polaris)
Costume: A buxom female version of Dr. Polaris, in purple and blue, with a silly magnet emblem, and a helmet with radio antennae. Rather silly.
Powers: Magnetic control.
Sighted: In Latveria, fighting Doctor Doomsday.
Possibilities: She seems to wear too much tech to be a mutant, so let's say that like H-U-S-K herself, the powers are latent until unleashed by her armor. Which she developed herself to fight crime. But definitely a utility player on some B-team, like the Thundersquad, or the Great Primal Avengers.
Integration Quotient: 15% (sorry, that costume holds no attraction)
Name: Mary Marvel Girl (this clunky moniker combines Mary Marvel and Marvel Girl)
Costume: In dark blueish grays with yellow accents, this redhead sports a short cape, cleavage that turns into a lightning bolt, a flared and lined collar, a short cape, and a pointy domino mask. It looks good, if muted and cold.
Powers: Telekinesis, but a reference to Minerva's wisdom suggests he has other attributes (if not powers) lent her by the Greek Gods.
Sighted: Escaping Latveria with the X-Patrol.
Possibilities: With a hokey speech pattern and apparent link to the Gods, Mary is probably younger than she appears. Unlike the Judgment League Avengers' Captain Marvel, she does not seem to have a relationship to the Kree. How do we resolve this? Well, maybe every planet has (or could have) a champion chosen by a pantheon of gods. I bet these Champions of the Lightning could have their own series down the line.
Integration Quotient: 70% (some inconsistencies in the Amalgam continuity keep her at arm's length, but it's not insoluble)
Name: Artemisty Knight (a mouthful, combining Artemis - the 90s Wonder Woman replacement - and Misty Knight)
Costume: A muscled black woman with a long, curly ponytail, Artmemisty wears blue and metal gray. Her right arm is mechanical, but not her hand. The left has lots of leather straps to create a makeshift glove. Leather leg bands encircle her high boots and are supplemented by two demonic skulls on the thighs (with spikes going around to the back). She has a headband with a circle in the middle, carries a quiver very low, and holds a greenish bow.
Powers: The "Bionic Amazon Archer" has a super-strong mechanical arm she uses to unleash arrows at great speed, accuracy and power.
Sighted: Fighting Brother Brood's forces.
Possibilities: While her name is iffy, Artemisty works fine as an Amazon who almost lost an arm, but was repaired by those Amazon scientists I made up, above. She probably rides around Man's World on a motorbike, teaming up with Shiva Wing. Together they are... the Daughters of Richard Dragon! Adopted, presumably.
Integration Quotient: 70% (easy to dump an Amazon into a world that has them, but the design and name are a bit baroque)

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