Launched: Second Doctor 2017 Addendum

If you've been following our Doctor Who Expanded Universe Sourcebooks, you may have noted we dropped an addendum to the First Doctor's book in time for Christmas last year. Well, it's the Second Doctor's turn! Pages of each section follow the main book's, but this short update covers both new and old stories alike!
You can download (or just read) it HERE in high (printable) or low (computer screen) resolution.

So in this 49-page addendum to the original book, you'll find material from all the 2nd Doctor audios released by Big Finish in the past couple years, and a few from short stories and comics we missed the first time around. We cover an illustrated story that helped market a brand of popsicles, and revisit the novel The Dark Path to get out hands on a young Master. The last story covered, Big Finish's The Wreck of the World, came out just this week! Also included are a complete revised timeline for Troughton's Doctor in the wake of The Black Hole's revelations about the fabled Season 6B, adventure seeds, and even some characters from the shows that were omitted in C7's book. Allies, villains, locations, gadget, and almost all of it written by my partner in all this, Peter "MisterHarry" Gilham, with only the most modest of contributions from me.

To him, my dearest thanks. To you, this gift in time for Holiday reading. Up next for us, the Sixth Doctor Sourcebook, a beast of a volume that will hopefully be out late summer. Stay tuned for some extracanonical Colin Baker goodness!

And here's the table of contents of the 2017 Addendum and a couple pages besides to give you a small taste.


Tim Knight said…
I'm getting a "404 (Page Not Found) Error" when I click on the download link :(
Siskoid said…
Found the problem. Typo in the link addresses. Gah! Sorry about that!
Randal said…
Koschei’s picture is awesome.
Siskoid said…
Based on fan casting I've see floating around.